JANUARY 11 2019
Tags: TAS Group

TAS Group joins B-Hive Europe community to boost innovation and collaboration

TAS Group is happy to announce that it is now a member of B-Hive, a European Fintech Innovation Program and hub. B-Hive, in partnership with Oracle, launched the program to speed up the monetization of Fintech capabilities in the banking and insurance space and boost innovation in Europe by fostering collaboration in the financial services industry.

As one of the founding partners of Oracle’s cloud-based Digital Innovation Platform, we enthusiastically welcome this type of collaborative approach, believing it is vital in bringing the banks and fintechs together so they can leverage each other’s capabilities and strengths to take advantage of the many opportunities offered by the current digital transformation.

We are delighted to join the B-Hive Europe community and look forward to playing a key role in co-creating innovative solutions and in sharing our experience and deep knowledge in delivering cutting-edge technology to the financial industry.