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Cascade visited TAS Headquarters

We were very pleased to welcome Cascade’s CEO Spencer Schmerling and VP of Compliance Sarah Zeal to our Italian offices in Bologna, Rome and Milan.

As a US-based Banking-as-a-Service provider, Cascade provides Mobile Banking Services, Card Issuance, and Enrolment for card programs as well as a web-based banking portal, mobile app, and contactless payment capabilities.

Cascade was TAS's first US customer, and has launched a number of card programs with Mastercard and Visa using TAS's Card Issuing and Processing software. The project, which involved the integration into the American interbank clearing house (ACH), was completed in Q4 2020, and the first card programs launched in Q1-Q2 2021.

At the end of November, Spencer and Sarah came to visit TAS to get an update on the company and its offering and learn of the product and service roadmap.

“We are very happy with this visit and very impressed with the members of the senior leadership team who we met. We are very confident with TAS's deep knowledge of the payments sector and its ability to provide innovative solutions to the market”, Cascade's CEO Spencer Schmerling said.

“We appreciate the trust Cascade put in TAS and in our ability to create and deliver solutions and services around the world”, TAS CEO Valentino Bravi added.

“We enthusiastically welcomed Spencer and Sarah to Italy. We have built a strong partnership with Cascade that we are sure will lead to new interesting projects in the future” Peter Caiazzi, SVP Product Development, TAS International commented.  

card & digital payments
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Fintech Finance interviews Mario Mendia

At Sibos 2022, we sat down with Mario Mendia, the Senior Vice President of International Markets at TAS Group, to discuss the emergence of payments-as-a-service and its potential in making banking more accessible to all possible demographics.

Looking at the trends at this year’s Sibos, Mendia is most excited about the digital developments in cross-border payments and CBDC, and the growing presence of cloud technology in major financial institutions.

card & digital payments

TAS Group’s roadmap to innovation in global payments

TAS Group’s Mario Mendia, Senior Vice President - International Markets, and Andrew Quartermaine, TAS International Managing Director, join FinextraTV at Sibos 2022 to discuss TAS’s recent rebranding, their focus on innovation in their product strategy and their views regarding cooperation and competition in the crowded global payments landscape.

card & digital payments

TAS @ UNITI Mobility Payment Forum 2022

5-6 October, Hamburg

Infraxis together with its Partner CCC welcome you to the UNITI Mobility Payment Forum 2022.

We’d be delighted to meet you and discuss your future needs in the areas of fleet card management, fuel payment processing and loyalty, which you can now select to be delivered as fully outsourced processing, SaaS or self-managed solutions.

Infraxis brings the “Build Your Own Card” paradigm to the area of fleet cards, allowing the full card lifecycle to be managed through secure APIs. Fleet card issuers can now focus on customer growth, retention and profitablity, using cards, apps and loyalty programs that seamlessly integrate to form a bespoke customer experience.

Visit Infraxis - CCC booth to discover PayStorm Fuel

card & digital payments
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TAS @ Sibos 2022

10 - 13 October | RAI, Amsterdam

Sibos is back in-person and TAS is again among the official exhibitors. We can’t wait to meet you in Amsterdam  where SWIFT will host a full conference programme and exhibition, along with a wide range of networking events. The agenda will feature business leaders and topic experts from across the financial community and beyond, discussing the most impactful trends in technology, regulation, risks and sustainability. If you can’t make it in person, join Sibos virtually by connecting to the digital conference experience that will extend Sibos to delegates around the world.

Stop by our booth D76 to share insights on the latest trends on digital payments, liquidity management, payment schemes connectivity, open banking and much more.

card & digital payments

TAS launches SoftPos to accept contactless payments from Android devices

Thanks to the agreement signed with Danish fintech SoftPay, TAS will enable the acquiring of contactless payments from Android mobile devices in Italy. The benefit provided by the SoftPos solution to merchants is simple and immediate: allowing to transform their phones into a ready-to-use payment terminal, without the need for additional certified hardware, thus reducing the heterogeneity and complexity of multi-device management at the point of sale.

The shopping experience is also improved for the buyer, who can complete the payment faster, avoiding long queues at the checkout.

The merchant APP is available on the Google Play Store and can be used in white label mode, or easily integrated with any APP already in use by the merchant.

The solution is certified with Visa and Mastercard, and is also available for mobile wallets - such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay - whose payments are processed in a similar way to standard EMV transactions managed by traditional POS devices. For maximum user security, a specific certified component manages the typing of the PIN on Glass on the Android device, ensuring absolute confidentiality.

The SoftPos solution is offered by TAS to banking operators and their processors as a service in Cloud; in this way the impact on the Service Provider is minimal, avoiding to disrupt the infrastructures already in use to manage the POS channel.

card & digital payments

Tuscany Region confirms TAS for the evolution of its digital platform IRIS

The innovative solution created by TAS for the Tuscany Region over 10 years ago still represents today a best in class platform for accessing debt positions and collecting payments in compliance with the public national pagoPA circuit. This is proved by other important regional administrations such as Lazio, Umbria and Sardinia, having chosen to reuse the same core platform, adapted by TAS to their specific requirements. Similar solutions for pagoPA payments have been provided by TAS through partnerships also to central Public Administrations such as the Italian Medicines Agency, the Ministry of Health and InfoCamere. Based on the PayTAS proprietary framework, the platform has been built to meet the multiple needs of public administrations and any creditor who provides services of public interest, in the provision of end2end collection and payment services, with a technical and operational approach aimed at facilitating the participation of as many administrations as possible into the pagoPA ecosystem. IRIS, the solution created for the Tuscany Region, more specifically addresses and optimizes the following tasks:
  • administrative and technical enrollment of public bodies belonging to the Tuscany territory
  • standardization of interfaces and integration with the national IO App system, with full reconciliation of receipts
  • simplification of the payment experience of the users (citizens and businesses)
  • integration with regional apps
  • integration with the centralized booking system for public healthcare services (CUP) and the Pharmacies of the Tuscan Health Service.
Particular attention was paid to the multi-channel freamework, based on a rich catalog of APIs covering the most innovative mobile acceptance devices as well as the more traditional ones. The positive track record and the close synergistic collaboration experienced by Tuscany Region with TAS during the last decade triggered the renewed appointment for the maintenance agreement dedicated to the evolution of IRIS for the next years to come. TAS is a leading provider in the digital payments platforms and services for the financial sector, in particular for the latest trends such as Open Banking, PSD2, Instant Payments and Request2Pay. TAS solutions for the B2G space are offered on premises or in cloud, thus allowing minimum in-house and up-front costs. Market operators can design their payment services leveraging a set of standardized and simplified interfaces, including those that integrate Italian Municipalities, which allows for a significant acceleration in public administrations onboarding. The platform customized for PSPs enables the measurement and matching of high service performance levels and continuous process monitoring, and satisfies all integration scenarios with the domestic pagoPA scheme in a scalable and stable way despite the huge and constantly increasing number of payment transactions generated by key sectors such as multi-utilities and public healthcare companies.
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Press Release

Infraxis showcasing its comprehensive Fuel technology at UNITI EXPO

Lugano, 9 May 2022 – Infraxis AG, part of TAS Group, a leading technology provider in the Payments space, will be exhibiting at the upcoming UNITI EXPO taking place in Stuttgart from May 17 through 19. We’re proud to be at UNITI 2022, where we’ll be co-exhibiting with CCCBusiness Service AG, our processor partner servicing the top forecourt operators and fuel card issuers in Switzerland and beyond.

The state of the art PayStorm Fuel platform is powering CCC business by supporting leading Fuel Industry operators on a daily basis. Infraxis is continually investing in the PayStorm platform, bringing the challenger bank paradigm to the processing of fleet cards, forecourt acquiring and EV charging apps.

PayStorm efficiently solves challenges associated with acquiring and authorizing fuel card payments through its highly adaptable design, enabling the realization of different business needs within the minimum of time and with the minimum of cost.

Whether your organization needs to acquire internationally branded cards, perform authorisation against a small to medium sized card portfolio, or to simply to switch out to a card issuer for authorisation, Infraxis has the solution ready to satisfy your processing requirements.”- commented Manfred Thomi, CEO of Infraxis.

At the UNITI Expo Infraxis stand visitors will be able to assess the ease of app integration via APIs for mobile-first onboarding and self-management for both fleet cards and international payment brands.

UNITI Expo, the leading retail petroleum and car wash trade fair in Europe, is finally back in-person, with 4 themed exhibiting areas. Infraxis AG welcomes all interested visitors in Hall 5, the Technology, Payment & Logistic area, at booth 5A20.

card & digital payments
Press Release

TAS migrates POS payment acceptance services to the cloud using Amazon Web Services and certifies itself as PCI-DSS Level 1 Service Provider

Milan – 9 December 2021Cloud and security. These are the keywords TAS Group is focusing on to offer its customers and partners increasingly agile solutions, guaranteeing the highest levels of performance, safety and scalability. TAS Group has been playing a central role in the payments industry for over 35 years. For more than a decade it has been providing Italian and International issuers, acquirers and processors with software solutions validated according to PCI Council compliance standards, and services certified under the PCI-DSS security standard, issued by the PCI Council for payment service providers. With the aim of making its solutions ever easier to adopt and accessible to new players in the Open Banking and Open Finance ecosystem, TAS has developed the GPP - Global Payments Platform, which integrates under a single architectural concept its own offering in the field of cards, account-based payments, transaction banking and financial value chain. Powered by the innovative "as a service" logic in the cloud, the GPP accelerates the delivery of flexible, efficient services to market while responding to changing regulatory requirements. In this roadmap, TAS Group relies on qualified partners, able to guarantee the highest levels of safety and regulatory compliance. This is the case of Amazon Web Services (AWS), to which TAS Group migrated its POS payment acceptance services in early November, successfully submitting itself to the PCI-DSS Level 1 Service Provider certification, the highest level of PCI certification for payment service providers. The new infrastructure is based on container architecture and makes extensive use of AWS services, such as Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) and Amazon Aurora. Among the benefits achieved by the migration, the main ones concern the simplification of Business Continuity, the decreased effort of TAS personnel dedicated to managing infrastructures, but above all the greater flexibility and scalability of the service offered to customers, crucial characteristics for being agile in the face of constantly evolving market conditions. "The world of acquiring and omnichannel payment acceptance is evolving at extremely high rates, both in terms of consumer preferences for the payment method and channel, and in terms of habits and therefore transaction volumes and peaks", explains Massimiliano Quattrocchi, Country Manager of TAS, “For an ISV such as TAS it is essential to constantly develop and evolve its applications, guaranteeing good independence from basic hw / sw infrastructures and the ability to take advantage of the most advanced technologies and innovations offered by the market. We have chosen to rely on AWS for a number of factors, including the PCI certification already obtained by this Cloud Provider which is the market leader in the Finance sector. The support of AWS has been continuous and invaluable in successfully passing the PCI DSS compliance certification in early November, just in time to face the hottest shopping period of the year. " The new POS management configuration offered by TAS relies on the AWS infrastructures located in the Dublin and Frankfurt regions, which are strategic both in terms of geographic positioning and for the characteristics of the services sought by TAS. The transformation path of TAS Group from software solutions supplier to enabler and facilitator of the customers’ business model by providing platforms and tailored "as a service" solutions is a strategic direction launched in recent years by the Group, which sees the Cloud as one of the essential cornerstones. Through the provision of services that can be configured and activated with reduced time to market, while ensuring the customers’ ability to differentiate themselves over competitors, TAS Group has already scored some clear initial results, both in terms of economic performance growth of the Group and in terms of attractiveness for new market operators. Download the press release

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