TAS operates as a new Application Center in Italy

TAS announced the full operation of its services as a new Application Center in Italy.

The request by TAS to operate within the SITRAD (System for Telematic Data Transmission) as a standardized Application Center was approved by the CIPA Steering Committee on 24 May 2022.

From the following 1st July, TAS (in collaboration with Nexi Payments) began to provide a wide range of services related to domestic interbank applications through SITRAD, including Interbank Commercial Collections, Check Image Truncation and other fundamental interbank procedures such as Archive Alignment and Transferability, Portfolio Provisions, Transfers between Banks, Free Messages, Documented Operations and Interbank Charges Detection.

Starting from September 2023, TAS (in collaboration with Nexi Payments) has successfully activated the first banking group, Banco BPM, for the Check Image Truncation application, followed in April 2024 by the Crédit Agricole Italia group for the same application, while Banco BPM completed the activation of all services in the same month.

With the full commencement of operations as an Application Centre, TAS continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions in the payments and financial services sector in Italy and beyond.

PierLuigi Bellinazzi, TAS Domestic ACH Manager, comments on this significant achievement: “Since the first days of my work at TAS way back in 1998, I have cultivated the ambition of seeing the company evolve into a Service Centre. Today I am therefore very proud, together with all our colleagues at TAS, to have become part of the small group of Italian Application Centers (Nexi Payments, BCC Sistemi Informatici, equensWorldLine and BANCOMAT). Thanks to our new status as an Application Center, we will be able to offer even more complete and attractive for services for Financial Institutions looking for solid and reliable partnerships in the field of financial operations.”

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