Collaborative platforms for interconnected communities

Digitalizing B2B collection and payment processes between companies, their customers and suppliers, both public and private, is an undisputed competitive advantage. TAS has invested in a specific line of solutions that simplify relations between citizens, public administrations, businesses, and the banking system, that promotes collaborative process management between the various actors by adopting an end-to-end approach. Combining electronic invoicing and e-billing services with solutions for the national Digital Agenda and European-wide services such as Request2Pay, we facilitate the adoption of standards and accelerate the network economy, creating value for the whole system.

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Welcome to the collaborative era

Our multi-channel collaborative solutions enable new business models

optimizing relations between companies, banks, public administrations and citizens.

Multiple payment channels

e-commerce, e-banking, mobile, privative circuits

Community services

Creation of Value-Added Services for all actors

Simple interfaces

standard protocols and players in the domestic and international landscape with a rich API catalogue


End2End digitized collection and payment processes for an easier and more accessible integrated system

Bills presentment solution

A multi-channel platform for e-billing, e-presentment & payment

To benefit both creditors and debtors, our multi-channel platform integrates and automates the collection process – from bills/invoice presentation, to payment, reconciliation, and reporting – providing a turnkey service with the most up-to-date payment methods on the market. 

Simplification, streamlining of processes and ease of integration thanks to a rich API catalogue, are key principles of our solution.

Main characteristics:

  • Enables EBPP (Electronic Bill Payment & Presentment) processing for large billers, private companies and Public Administration

  • Provides omni-channel access, plurality of collection tools, centralized management of multi-creditor debt positions for payment of goods, services, taxes and duties, in both public and private sectors

  • Users (consumer or business) can easily keep track of debt positions, automate mass payments, receive complete structured reports

  • The creditor’s back-office is simplified and the straight through processing of managed transactions is improved; the continuous evolution of payment and collection methods is managed internally by the platform

  • Integrates and complies with the recent European Request to Pay standard (RTP), which digitizes notifications to debtors allowing them to activate instant or deferred payments according to different use cases and B2C, B2B, B2G, P2P scenarios

  • Already adopted by many private and public organizations across diverse industries.

We support the entire payment life-cycle

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