Embedded Finance and Banking As A Service

Competition from the digital world and effects of the pandemic have revolutionised consumer habits and expectations.

Traditional customer touchpoints now require greater and more profound changes than ever before.

Retail customers expect to use financial services immediately, wherever they are, even with non-banking third parties. And technological consumerization has now reached the corporate world.

In this scenario, it is imperative that banks fully adhere to the paradigm of Banking as a Service.

TAS is the ideal partner to support banks in the increasingly open financial ecosystem, helping them move from a monolithic approach to an unbundled offer, acquiring the ability to integrate natively in customers workflow processes.

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Strengths of TAS Banking solutions

Real-time and native ISO20022 multichannel collections and payments

We offer back-to-front solutions for cards management and any other type of payment, both traditional and new generation

We incorporate industry regulatory compliance and the highest security standards in our solutions

By adopting our components, banks can overcome legacy world constraints and fully embrace the era of Instant and Open Banking

Domain competence

We have over 40 years of experience supporting Banks of all sizes in the evolution of Payment Channels and Systems

Our experts sit alongside clients central bank working groups, associations and sector consortia

High modularity and customisation

Clients need integrate and activate only the features or modules they prefer not to develop in-house

Each component of TAS platforms can be parameterised and adapted to customer requirements

Flexibility of the delivery model

We offer end-to-end solutions for any type of collection and payment for SaaS and on-premises mode
Our platforms are all cloud-ready and cloud-agnostic, they can be adopted incrementally to reduce the complexity of migration projects

State-of-the-art technology

Advanced development frameworks are used to free customers from Hw / Sw infrastructure constraints and to facilitate ransition to the Cloud

We design our software around microservices and open API architectures ensuring maximum ease of integration with third party services and the customer internal systems

Holistic view of the customer

We provide a predictive intelligence engine to transform data assets managed by applications into value-added service opportunities for the customer

Some of our clients

Commercial bank industry

Are you a Commercial Bank?

Innovations in cross-border exchange and settlement systems have created new opportunities for your business customers: faster and cheaper payments!

At the global level, revenues from cross-border payments are estimated to grow to US$ 261 billion by 2025.

SWIFT’s new transactional platform and the IXB initiative – Immediate Cross-Border payments by EBA Clearing, SWIFT and The Clearing House – are just two examples of where new traffic will develop.

Faced with unprecedented pressures such as: the convergence of InstantPayments and ISO20022, constantly increasing legacy system maintenance costs, and the transition to Open Banking / Platform Economy – you need agile and reliable technological partners.

Investment bank industry

Are you an investment bank?

For capital markets operators, TAS offers a specialized solutions  to support you in securities investments  for trading, order routing, transaction reporting systems and data exchange between Front and Back Offices.

Discover the range of solutions and services offered by our partner Elidata, the ideal companion for digital transformation in Investment Banking.

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