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TAS @ UNITI Mobility Payment Forum 2022

5-6 October, Hamburg

Infraxis together with its Partner CCC welcome you to the UNITI Mobility Payment Forum 2022.

We’d be delighted to meet you and discuss your future needs in the areas of fleet card management, fuel payment processing and loyalty, which you can now select to be delivered as fully outsourced processing, SaaS or self-managed solutions.

Infraxis brings the “Build Your Own Card” paradigm to the area of fleet cards, allowing the full card lifecycle to be managed through secure APIs. Fleet card issuers can now focus on customer growth, retention and profitablity, using cards, apps and loyalty programs that seamlessly integrate to form a bespoke customer experience.

Visit Infraxis - CCC booth to discover PayStorm Fuel

Press Release

TAS transforms its brand to reflect the new vision of the Group

Milan, 22 September 2022 - The rebranding unveils a new logo and a completely revised website for a tailored customer experience

The new governance and the delisting from the stock exchange, completed in the first half of 2022, has opened a new chapter for TAS, a leading Software Provider specialized in financial services and platform solutions, with offices in 9 countries spanning Europe and the Americas.

This new chapter has triggered a corporate rebranding that reflects the company's recent transformation, but above all its ambition to accelerate growth internationally.

Founded in 1982 and then a pioneer in the digitization of payment and finance processes for the Italian banking sector, TAS has over a 40 years period evolved to become a key solution provider, supporting the evolution of financial transactions, while extending its operations and capabilities internationally.

In today's increasingly open and competitive market landscape, TAS stands out as an enabler of new customer journeys for established players as well as new market entrants. As a reliable partner, TAS is able to propose innovative technological solutions that allow clients to increase and strengthen their market positioning.

The new group logo is inspired by TAS' ability to evolve, while ensuring consistency and stability in its services and platform solutions.

 “The graphics accompanying our new logo express these concepts through the color gradient that changes within a coherent shape, always maintaining the harmony of the final solution” explainsMarina Jacobone, Marketing Director of TAS. “The components of the symbol adapt to be able to live independently but also united, to work together and at the same time to be able to easily integrate the new, represented by the orange shape. For TAS, modularity is key. "

TAS's mission revolves around the keyword "simplify":

  • simplify technological complexity so that customers can focus on their business;
  • simplify the adoption of new applications thanks to the modularity of the solutions and their cloud capabilities;
  • simplify compliance with standards and regulations by providing solutions that can be easily integrated with the client’s existing solutions;
  • simplify project management by entrusting them to the experience of TAS.

A constant commitment to conceive and provide future-proof solutions that facilitate the evolution of financial services at a domestic and cross-border level, favouring the harmonious development of the entire ecosystem for the benefit of banks, investors, businesses, citizens and the general public.

" 2022 was a significant year for us given the investment by Rivean Capital Fund. Rivean gave us new resources to dedicate to the many projects we are investing in, but also helped accelerate the effective roll -out of our unique Global Payment Platform, which is already seeing significant interest across multiple verticals in non-banking industries, such as Insurance, Retailers, On-line Merchants, Utilities and more. "comments CEO Valentino Bravi -" Via this new brand, we wanted to communicate the step change of pace by TAS, while referring to the spirit of our teams, founded on deep expertise and driven by enthusiasm, curiosity and creativity. "

The new website is now live at

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TAS @ Sibos 2022

10 - 13 October | RAI, Amsterdam

Sibos is back in-person and TAS is again among the official exhibitors. We can’t wait to meet you in Amsterdam  where SWIFT will host a full conference programme and exhibition, along with a wide range of networking events. The agenda will feature business leaders and topic experts from across the financial community and beyond, discussing the most impactful trends in technology, regulation, risks and sustainability. If you can’t make it in person, join Sibos virtually by connecting to the digital conference experience that will extend Sibos to delegates around the world.

Stop by our booth D76 to share insights on the latest trends on digital payments, liquidity management, payment schemes connectivity, open banking and much more.

Press Release

TAS Group earns again its place in the 2022 IDC FinTech Rankings

Milan, September 13, 2022 – TAS Group, a global provider of innovative solutions in card management, digital payments, financial messaging and capital markets, has announced that it has been ranked among the Top 100 in the 2022 IDC FinTech Rankings for the 14th consecutive year. The IDC FinTech Rankings evaluates and categorizes the top IT vendors based on 2021 calendar year revenues and the percentage of revenues exclusively attributed to financial institutions, including banks, capital markets firms, and insurers or directly to fintech solution providers for hardware, software, and/or services.

“IDC is honored to recognize the technology providers that appear on the 19 th annual IDC FinTech Rankings,” said Marc DeCastro, Research Director at IDC Financial Insights. “These are the companies that have shown commitment to the financial services industry and their appearance on the list is a testament to that dedication.

Valentino Bravi, Chairman and CEO at TAS Group, remarked, " We really appreciate our inclusion in this renowned and independent Ranking, year after year. In 2021 TAS’s resilience and continuous improvements were also recognised by the VC world, with the acquisition of majority control of the company by Rivean Capital private equity. Excelling in Financial Technology to support the Banking Industry and new challenger enterprises navigate disrupted market forces is our first commitment; one that we pursue with passion and tireless teamwork."

Andrew Quartermaine, COO International Markets, added, " There is a clear need for SW Solution providers who understand the Open Finance market, a landscape being significantly reshaped by the regulatory environment in Europe and beyond. Given TAS’ size and experienced track record, we can show outstanding flexibility, ensuring effective partnerships and growth together with our customers.

The impact of technology on business and human life is becoming more and more strategic in the last decade. Collaboration and innovation are key recipes for leading technology suppliers, such as TAS, who has been strongly leveraging cloud and open API technology to build SaaS enabled platforms for banks, improving their time to market and ability to adapt rapidly to changing regulatory demands.

TAS Global Payment Platform (GPP) has its roots in synergistic integration of software components in the fields of transaction banking, financial value chain services, cards and account-based payments. Conceived “as a service” to both incumbent and challenger players of the Payments Ecosystem, its rich set of APIs allows seamlessly integration with existing architectures, and with modern, white-labelled BaaS solutions.

At Eurosystem level TAS continues to support Europe’s financial community in meeting T2/T2S Consolidation deadlines, ECMS and SWIFT FIN’s migration towards ISO20022.

In the Issuing and Acquiring domain TAS continues to attract a growing FinTech customer base throughout Europe and the Americas based on the extreme flexibility and embedded compliance of its solutions.

Press Release

TAS continues in the strategic M&A direction with Krisopea

Milan - August 2, 2022 - TAS SpA, leader in Italy in the supply of software and services for banking and financial applications, mother company of a group also present in Europe and America (hereinafter "TAS Group"), announces the acquisition today by its subsidiary Global Payments S.p.A. of the entire share capital of Krisopea Srl (hereinafter "Krisopea"), a technological and business consulting company in the field of payment systems, founded in 2001 in Milan. The entry into the Group comes a few days after the acquisition of ASTRO IT, announced on July 26, demonstrating the acceleration in non-organic growth driven by Rivean Capital, the Private Equity Fund that became TAS Group’ s majority shareholder in early 2022. Krisopea boasts twenty years of expertise in supporting major Italian Fintech clients on topics like Open Banking and PSD2, Digital Banking, Multichannel and Digital Transformation, all core themes of TAS Group’s value proposition and therefore a precious asset to enhance the productive and innovative capacity of its project teams. “With Krisopea we share SW development methodology, customer centric culture, customer base, attention to human capital and much more. - comments Valentino Bravi, CEO at TAS Group, - I am sure that the synergy between our two companies will allow us to further improve our offering and our customer relationships. I have always been a Made-in-Italy advocate also in the ICT field, and this acquisition further confirms this belief". “Krisopea is an important step towards the evolution of our group as a center of excellence for the development and innovation of payment solutions and services. The growth path we are pursuing involves the acquisition of complementary companies to TAS, and Krisopea perfectly reflects this characteristic” commented Fabio Bravi, Head of M&A, Special Projects and Corporate Developments. "Entering TAS Group, a leading group in the Fintech sector, is for Krisopea the result of a twenty-year path of constant growth and a source of pride for me. A prestigious goal, achieved thanks to the commitment and professionalism of all our employees and collaborators. I want to thank Valentino and Fabio Bravi for the trust placed in our company, with the shared goal of bringing greater value to the group and to our customers. " - declares Flavio Suigo, CEO and Founder of Krisopea. TAS Group was assisted in the transaction by KPMG as financial advisor and by Lexia Avvocati for the legal aspects. Download the press release
Press Release

TAS hires Andrew Quartermaine as COO and General Manager of International Business

Milan — July 28, 2022 — TAS S.p.A. (hereinafter “TAS”), a leading company in the supply of software and services for banking and financial applications, in Europe and the Americas, hired Andrew Quartermaine as Chief Operating Officer and General Manager of TAS International Business. Andrew brings with him nearly thirty years of experience in the Payments Industry. He has been involved in successful start-up businesses and has held a number of senior positions in large multinational corporations, including NCR, First Data Corporation and more recently ACI where Andrew, in the past 7 years, held the role of Director Merchant Retail Europe and Vice President Customer Success. Andrew’s specific expertise in P&L management, customer relationship management and new market entry strategy makes him a perfect fit for TAS’ ambitions to boost its growth in the International Market, leveraging a best in class payments platform. The recent change of governance driven by Rivean Capital Private Equity Fund who acquired TAS Group in Q1 this year further aligns to the growth strategy of TAS. Valentino Bravi, CEO of TAS, said “We’re very excited to have Andrew on board. Through his strong track record in multiple sectors across multiple geographies and EU regions, I am sure he will inspire and empower our growing international team.” Andrew Quartermaine added “I am very pleased to be joining TAS and am excited by the challenge of expanding the business internationally. I believe the solutions TAS has within its portfolio, the partnerships which are in place, the quality of the TAS teams and the support being provided by Rivean Capital will enable the company to capitalize on opportunities which exist”. Download Press Release
Press Release

ASTRO IT joins TAS Group

Milan — July 26, 2022 — TAS S.p.A. (hereinafter “TAS”), a leading company in Italy in the supply of software and services for banking and financial applications, also present in Europe and America, has today finalized the acquisition of the entire share capital of ASTRO IT S.r.l. (hereinafter “ASTRO IT”), a company specialized in the application management and system integration of software solutions for banking, insurance and large corporates. The relevant experience and know-how held by ASTRO IT in the field of application management, regulatory compliance and process optimization represent a qualitative as well as quantitative enrichment of the production capacity of TAS. “Acquisitions are an important element of the strategic growth plan of TAS, as well as for the strengthening of the skills and for the staffing of teams for the launch of new digital transformation projects and solutions, - comments Fabio Bravi, Head of M&A, special projects and corporate developments of TAS, and digitalization is among the primary objectives of TAS’s target customers.”Integrating ASTRO IT into the TAS family means consolidating the work done together in recent years. - comments Valentino Bravi, CEO - I take this opportunity to welcome the shareholders and all employees and collaborators of this reality, beginning a new development path together with us”. “After a few years of close collaboration, joining TAS Group makes us proud and gives us a great stimulus to jointly face the new challenges and growing opportunities that market offers” - declares Giuseppe Muzzioli, General Manager of ASTRO IT. The acquisition adds another piece to the consultancy and delivery capabilities of TAS Group in the field of payment services and capital markets. Download the press release
card & digital payments

TAS launches SoftPos to accept contactless payments from Android devices

Thanks to the agreement signed with Danish fintech SoftPay, TAS will enable the acquiring of contactless payments from Android mobile devices in Italy. The benefit provided by the SoftPos solution to merchants is simple and immediate: allowing to transform their phones into a ready-to-use payment terminal, without the need for additional certified hardware, thus reducing the heterogeneity and complexity of multi-device management at the point of sale.

The shopping experience is also improved for the buyer, who can complete the payment faster, avoiding long queues at the checkout.

The merchant APP is available on the Google Play Store and can be used in white label mode, or easily integrated with any APP already in use by the merchant.

The solution is certified with Visa and Mastercard, and is also available for mobile wallets - such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay - whose payments are processed in a similar way to standard EMV transactions managed by traditional POS devices. For maximum user security, a specific certified component manages the typing of the PIN on Glass on the Android device, ensuring absolute confidentiality.

The SoftPos solution is offered by TAS to banking operators and their processors as a service in Cloud; in this way the impact on the Service Provider is minimal, avoiding to disrupt the infrastructures already in use to manage the POS channel.

card & digital payments

Tuscany Region confirms TAS for the evolution of its digital platform IRIS

The innovative solution created by TAS for the Tuscany Region over 10 years ago still represents today a best in class platform for accessing debt positions and collecting payments in compliance with the public national pagoPA circuit. This is proved by other important regional administrations such as Lazio, Umbria and Sardinia, having chosen to reuse the same core platform, adapted by TAS to their specific requirements. Similar solutions for pagoPA payments have been provided by TAS through partnerships also to central Public Administrations such as the Italian Medicines Agency, the Ministry of Health and InfoCamere. Based on the PayTAS proprietary framework, the platform has been built to meet the multiple needs of public administrations and any creditor who provides services of public interest, in the provision of end2end collection and payment services, with a technical and operational approach aimed at facilitating the participation of as many administrations as possible into the pagoPA ecosystem. IRIS, the solution created for the Tuscany Region, more specifically addresses and optimizes the following tasks:
  • administrative and technical enrollment of public bodies belonging to the Tuscany territory
  • standardization of interfaces and integration with the national IO App system, with full reconciliation of receipts
  • simplification of the payment experience of the users (citizens and businesses)
  • integration with regional apps
  • integration with the centralized booking system for public healthcare services (CUP) and the Pharmacies of the Tuscan Health Service.
Particular attention was paid to the multi-channel freamework, based on a rich catalog of APIs covering the most innovative mobile acceptance devices as well as the more traditional ones. The positive track record and the close synergistic collaboration experienced by Tuscany Region with TAS during the last decade triggered the renewed appointment for the maintenance agreement dedicated to the evolution of IRIS for the next years to come. TAS is a leading provider in the digital payments platforms and services for the financial sector, in particular for the latest trends such as Open Banking, PSD2, Instant Payments and Request2Pay. TAS solutions for the B2G space are offered on premises or in cloud, thus allowing minimum in-house and up-front costs. Market operators can design their payment services leveraging a set of standardized and simplified interfaces, including those that integrate Italian Municipalities, which allows for a significant acceleration in public administrations onboarding. The platform customized for PSPs enables the measurement and matching of high service performance levels and continuous process monitoring, and satisfies all integration scenarios with the domestic pagoPA scheme in a scalable and stable way despite the huge and constantly increasing number of payment transactions generated by key sectors such as multi-utilities and public healthcare companies.

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