JUNE 10 2019
Tags: cashless, certifications

We put security at the center of all our solutions: new PA-DSS certification for TAS Group’s ATM manager

We are pleased to announce that our ATM Management solution (TATM3.0) has obtained PA-DSS v3.2 certification. The PA-DSS establishes both the security requirements and the assessment procedures for payment application providers and facilitates the attainment of the PCI DSS, the standard defined by the PCI Security Standards Council aimed at organisations that manage debit, credit and prepaid cards.

TATM3.0 supports ATM administration functions, processing payment transactions received from the terminals and forwarding them to the Acquirer to start the authorization process.

The solution is part of the cashless 3.0® suite, the modular and cloud-ready platform which manages all aspects of the digital payments lifecycle, from issuing, to acquiring and transaction processing, including real-time fraud management and dispute handling. All components of the cashless 3.0® suite comply with the PA-DSS requirements.

Security is a key factor for TAS Group which invests continuously in adapting its solutions to the highest market standards and in developing solutions that make payment transactions increasingly secure in market scenarios where the multiplicity of players and of payment channels make this aspect crucial to protecting both banks and end users.


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