MAY 15 2019
Tags: capital markets

The latest on T2/T2S Consolidation from TAS Group

The first part of the Interbank Working Group was successfully concluded, which saw TAS Group together with Accenture and KPMG coordinate the working groups for Treasury, IT and Risk on the topic of T2/T2S Consolidation.

TAS Group also continues to contribute to the Eurosystem project by responding to the Consultation on version 1.1 of the UDFS, highlighting critical points from a functional point of view of the new CLM and RTGS systems. The feedback provided will play a key role in defining version 2.0 of the UDFS on which the definitive operating model for the new Eurosystem infrastructure will be determined.

On the subject of technological innovation, TAS Group continues its participation in the Intraday Liquidity Working Group of the European Banking Association, of which it is an Associate Member. A paper has just been published on the subject “Technology for the benefit of the corporate liquidity management ecosystem, which shows how the technological evolution of the bank can play a crucial role in supporting customers in their cash-management and balance-sheet management activities.

Don't miss the EBAday event in Stockholm in June. We look forward to seeing you at our Stand (#8) and sharing the progress made to date in the community on the Consolidation project.

  TAS Group @ EBAday 2019

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