JULY 09 2019

The ECB confirms the two NSPs to provide access to the new Eurosystem services

The Bank of Italy, on behalf of the ECB, has completed the process of selecting the certified Network Service Providers (NSPs) to provide connectivity to ESMIG (Eurosystem Single Market Interface Gateway).

SIA-Colt and SWIFT have been awarded a 10-year contract, committing to a public pricing.

The new Eurosystem services (T2, T2S, TIPS, CLM and ECMS) will be accessible through the new ESMIG interface which will go live in November 2021. TAS Group is already tailoring its solution, Network Gateway, which will interface the two NSPs allowing banks to keep their applications independent from the service providers's specific standards. By connecting via Network Gateway, banks will have the freedom to mix and match the NSP with the required service. TAS Group is also enhancing its Liquidity Management platformAquariusto fully leverage the new added-value services defined by the Consolidation project.

Read the ECB Press Release.


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