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TAS Network Gateway among certified solutions for SWIFT CSP program

TAS Network Gateway, the financial messaging platform that connects customers to any national and international interbank network in a simple and transparent way, has obtained SWIFT certification for the Customer Security Program, essential for all participants of the well-known global interbank network. The certification covers all protocols offered by the SWIFTNet network.

In addition to this latest milestone, the TAS Network Gateway module suite has also successfully completed the following certifications:

  • FileAct Enhancements Certifications - update of the FileAct RealTime and SnF (store & forward) certifications for the new criteria required for the SWIFTNet 7.2 release
  • MT Standards Release 2018 - FIN Messaging Interface Certification for the use of the mandatory Unique End-to-end Transaction Reference (UETR) field


The “SWIFT Store-and-forward InterAct Messaging Interface” certification process is also being completed, after which, TAS Network Gateway will be certified for all SWIFT network protocols.


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