MARCH 18 2019
Tags: e-gov

InfoCamere and TAS Group extend the pagoPA collection services for Italian Chambers of Commerce and Municipalities

InfoCamere, a key Italian public administration institution, has one again chosen TAS Group to strengthen its pagoPA services towards Chambers of Commerce and Public Administrations.

For many years the close collaboration between InfoCamere and TAS Group has allowed the public company to offer excellent collection and payments services and, in a recent tender, InfoCamere confirmed that it will use new TAS solutions to activate further innovative pagoPA services.

The PayTAS platform, already adopted by 20% of Italian regions and multiple public administrations, as well as by leading banks, has recently been enriched with highly advanced functions such as reconciliation, assisted payments at branches (such as the physical POS pagoPA, kiosks and ATMs), digital notifications with mobile payments and services such as car tax and digital stamp duty payments.

InfoCamere - using PayTAS - will extend, in addition to the Municipalities, also to the Chambers of Commerce all the pagoPA collection services, aimed at improving the citizens' experience and simplifying and digitizing processes, confirming its support for the competitiveness of the National System .