JUNE 29 2018
Tags: Oracle

TAS Group welcomes Oracle and B-Hive Europe’s new Fintech Innovation Program

Brussels, 29 June 2018

TAS Group is delighted to support Oracle and B-Hive Europe’s new Fintech Innovation Program, created to speed up the monetization of Fintech capabilities in the banking and insurance space and boost financial innovation in Europe.

The program will drive momentum in financial innovation in Europe, bringing together fintechs and digital banking innovators to accelerate enterprise readiness.  

As an early partner of Oracle’s Digital Innovation Platform, TAS Group welcomes this type of collaboration, convinced it is essential in bringing banks and fintechs together so they can leverage each other’s strengths. By providing a common space, shared infrastructure and collaborative environment through B-Hive’s hub, banks, insurers and fintechs can fully exploit the opportunities offered by the digital transformation taking place in the financial services industry.


 Read the full press release from Oracle here