JUNE 11 2019

ArsBlue becomes TAS Eastern Europe: a new name to reflect an enhanced product offering and expanded geographical reach

ArsBlue, recently acquired by TAS SpA, has changed its name to TAS Eastern Europe (TAS EE). The acquisition is part of the Group's international strategy which aims to strengthen its presence in geographies experiencing high digital payments growth.

The new name represents 7 years of successful collaboration between the two companies, culminating at the end of 2018 with the acquisition by TAS Group of a 51% share in the Serbian company.

By bringing together key competencies from both companies, TAS Group is able to further strengthen its offering and deliver innovative solutions that will be a technological reference point in the European competitive landscape.

ArsBlue's expertise in the area of card management complements and enriches TAS Group’s solutions portfolio working towards the common goal of enabling customers to adapt quickly to changes opened by rapidly evolving market scenarios.

From card management to branch transformation, to Fraud Management solutions based on the most advanced machine learning technologies, to Instant Payments: TAS Group now has a team of over 400 experts to support its customers, offices in 8 countries and the capacity to provide best of breed software globally.

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