Fintech Finance- Peter’s interview at M2020

Peter Caiazzi shares insights on the upcoming PSD2 regulation and on Instant Payments. Watch the interview

JULY 10 2017

TIPS: green light from the European Central Bank


The implementation started

JUNE 30 2017

On the go all around Europe

May and June proved a busy month for TAS Group teams who were present in London, Dublin and Copenhagen for RBR’s Self-Service Banking, EBAday and Money 20/20, respectively.

MAY 05 2017

TIPS intended to facilitate the pan-European reachability of the SCT Inst scheme

ECB argues: “without TIPS pan-European reachability for PSPs adhering to the SCT Inst scheme is very unlikely to materialise”

MARCH 01 2017

Still unclear on Instant Payments?

TAS Group Instnat Payments

EBA SCT Inst project is on track

JANUARY 23 2017

Instant Payments in Real Time with TAS Group and SIA

Instant Payments with TAS Group and SIA

Plus, an in-depth look at the “Revolution in Payments and Opportunity for New Services”