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Readily Integrate Real-time Fraud Detection within IBM Z-based Payment Systems without Impacting SLAs

Webinar, 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

IBM and TAS/Mantica have joined their efforts and brought together a solution to help organisations to monitor and detect fraud in real-time within their payments systems with minimal impact on SLAs. Join the webinar to learn how you can apply this powerful machine learning based-solution to your payment processes. The webinar will be presented by Eberhard Hechler, Executive Architect, IBM and special guest speaker Amedeo Borin, CEO Mantica Italia. Register now

Fraud Detection Webinar


ECB marketplace for service providers

European Central Bank, Frankfurt am Main

The focus session will take place at the European Central Bank in connection with the event “The TARGET2/T2S consolidation project is preparing to go live in 2021 – will you be ready?”.  Don’t miss our on-stage pitch by Mario Mendia, SVP BU Capital Markets & Treasury of TAS Group, at 15:30 during which we will present how we can support market participants in the preparation for the migration to ISO 20022 and the launch of the new RTGS in 2021. Discover more