Managed Services

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Service Levels

Our managed services consist of providing to our customers with supervision and administration of their resources: hardware and software.

Our customers who prefer CAPEX can install their own equipment in our racks, but the most common model is the customer renting TAS owned resources. 


Our offer for managed services is granular, our customers choose the level of service that suits them, from the most basic level of monitoring included automatically in all our offers to the highest level that provides a complete management of hosted resources, 24/7, 365 days a year.

The majority of our customers are in the latter category because they appreciate having a single point of contact to ensure the availability and continuity of their IT.

Service Levels

Details of the services

Our offer for managed services is built on 5 levels of service, each with its specific scope. 

Level 1 is an "Eyes and Hands" support, provided automatically, which consists in providing, during working hours, basic services related to equipment handling: connect or disconnect a cable, press a button, do a visual check on equipment.

Service level EN

Level 2 consists in setting up alerts which make it possible to be informed immediately in case of problem on one or more services provided by the equipment.

Level 3 adds to the precedent level the processing of these alerts by our teams: restart of a service that has stopped, system and network software upgrades, security patches, corrective and preventive upgrades.

These first three levels of service are provided during business hours, and beyond these hours, on demand.

Level 4 is identical to level 3, but is automatically insured 24/7, 365 days a year.

These 4 levels of services apply to standardized configuration perimeters and consist of maintaining in operational conditions previously stabilized services.

When we have to modify components, add, remove or modify hardware, software, services, it is no longer a question of maintaining in operational conditions but it relates to administration of systems and networks. This corresponds to the highest level of our services, level 5.

Details of the services