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Ready for T2S? TAS presents: Aquarius

Aquarius demo, T2S

TAS Group welcomes T2S with Aquarius: the solution for the integrated monitoring and management of liquidity that guarantees the full range of settlement functionalities offered by the central platform.

It is composed by two combined or stand-alone modules, Securities Settlement and Cash & Collateral, that together permit to have a real time and value-added combination of services guaranteeing a more complete experience as the one offered by the central platform itself.

Get even more with transparent connectivity to both SWIFT and SIA-COLT, allowing Directly Connected T2S Actors to choose and switch from one to the other network providers. Discover TAS Network Gateway for T2S


AQUARIUS - More than just T2S! Find out all the included additional features for:


  • Collateral On Flow
  • Collateral re-use chain
  • Reconciliation of cash and securities legs
  • Intraday credit provided to customers
  • Virtual segregation of operations on omnibus accounts
  • Internal limits definition


  • Primary CMB monitoring
  • Secondary CMB monitoring
  • Real Time Limit management
  • Auto Collateralisation amount and details
  • Client Collateralisation amount and details
  • Reverse Collateral Settlement Instruction management
  • Collateral Re-use Chain
  • Settlement details (Corporate Action, customers SI, …)
  • Next days Cash Forecast
  • Real Time Intraday Cash Forecast
  • Liquidity Transfer
  • Automated - Liquidity Transfer (rebalancing)
  • Collateral On stock - On Flow real time