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ECMS Updates

Interest is growing in the Aquarius User Group initiative, whose last meeting was held on April 20 in Milan, with over 70 participants including representatives of the major financial institutions and service centers committed to meeting the Eurosystem deadlines.

The working group, coordinated by TAS in collaboration with Accenture and KPMG, took stock of the progress of the ECMS project, illustrating the new documentation being released by the ECB and all remaining regulatory milestones impacting on the banking community. A live demo of TAS Aquarius ECMS component was presented, focusing on the monitoring and management fuctionalities designed around the Eurosystem’s new unified Collateral Management system.  On top of collecting feedback from the first 10 clients that have adopted the new Aquarius module, the meeting was a valuable opportunity to present and discuss additional value-added features that will be provided by Aquarius in order to offer, beyond the full compliance with the new ECMS requirements, also several scalable functions managing further forms of collateral.

An update on the T2-T2S Consolidation project was also part of the meeting agenda, with a deep-dive into the topic of testing, now in its most intense phase, as well as a summary of the upcoming activities defined by the ECB  before the Go Live scheduled for 21 November.

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