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TAS strengthens its Aquarius suite in the vertical dedicated to the Securities Settlement Management

The new release of the Aquarius Securities Settlement module evolves towards an agile and modular management of all the features referred to domestic and international Settlement .

The strength of the solution is given by an advanced management of the Standard Settlement Instructions (SSI), which allows the highest rate of Straight Through Processing within the settlement chain. The combination guarantees an innovative, flexible and effective solution, both for Banks that operate directly with CSD / ICSD, and for Banks that use Depositaries or Global Custodians. The application works in perfect synergy and synchronous with Aquarius Cash and Collateral functions, improving the efficiency, response and operational extension of the overall Aquarius platform.

With regard to regulatory compliance, a new module has been released to cover CSDR Penalty specifications (whose go-live is scheduled for February 2022). This module allows users to check the calculations received by the CSDs or the Depositaries and, at the same time, verify them with a simulation mechanism. The support provided to the Back Office is complete and allows the customer to better manage the new penalty mechanism, through the following main features:

  • immediate loading and management of received reports, whether in standard or proprietary format;
  • calculation simulations to verify the penalties applied;
  • data extraction to create statistics and highlight the riskiest situations;
  • User dashboard, to monitor the daily and monthly trend of the penalty amounts, with aggregated and detailed data reachable with a simple drilldown mechanism;
  • penalties total amounts forecasting ;
  • Risk Dashboard to highlight potential buy-in situations, with dedicated analysis depending on the financial instrument type.

The CSDR Penalty module also provides features for the transmission of the received information of the daily and monthly reports to the Back Office applications and to any Institutional Customers.

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