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The 360° Post Trade Processing

Aquarius module for Post-Trade management operations

Aquarius for Post-Trade

The Aquarius module for Post-Trade management operations interacts with domestic and international systems for clearing and settling payments. It supports all T2S features for both direct and indirect participants. It allows real-time monitoring of the lifecycle of settlements and the balance of accounts, providing value-added features such as matching, reconciliation, aggregation and shaping.
It standardizes the mode of communication of counterparties and integrates user applications to allow proper and efficient management of post-trade processes in full STP compliance.

Successfully used by the major banking groups present on the Italian market, it can be installed as a stand-alone or as a module of the larger suite Aquarius for an integrated management of liquidity (Cash, Securities and Collateral).

Platform for Securities, Repo, Collateral and Derivatives management


In partnership with NewSoft, TAS Group offers Orizzonte:  the flexible platform for Securities, Repo, Collateral and Derivatives management.


Modular architecture
  • Middle office
  • Back-office

Easy to adapt to customer operations and organisation, Orizzonte provides:
  • Real time data processing
  • Easy Reporting configuration
  • Real time monitoring, management and control of key processes, according to business views, asset allocations and positions
  • Straight-through processing of events, activities and compliance tasks

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Orizzonte platform activities