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Aquarius Modules

Securities Settlement

This module automatically manages Post-Trade operations interacting with the settlement domestic and international systems. It supports all T2S features for both direct and indirect participants. It allows real-time monitoring of the settlement lifecycle and the accounts balance, providing value-added features such as matching, reconciliation, aggregation and shaping. This module can be fully integrated with back-office and internal systems to enable a full suite of settlement functionalities.

Target2 /RTGS

This module manages liquidity on RTGS accounts, providing real-time balance updates, detailed forecast, transaction management and additional functionalities such as limit, reservations, central bank collateral and T2S (T2SI) interface components.
The TARGET2 module allows the setting of additional features such as alerting, customised reporting and management of internal payment queue according to pre-defined criteria (e.g. timing, counterpart, and amount).

Target2-Securities Cash & Collateral

This module allows the integrated management of T2S for Cash and Collateral. This solution enables real-time monitoring on DCA positions and forecasts, as well as operational limits and monitoring of collateral transactions with both Central Banks and individual Clients.

Intraday Liquidity and Stress Testing

This module provides real-time monitoring of all transactions settled in LVPS systems (TARGET2) and Correspondent Banking and calculates the metrics established by BCBS248. The IL engine can apply each metric to individual and/or aggregated currency accounts on a daily and monthly basis, producing the scheduled reporting according to the required format and individual regulator’s standard. An optional Stress Testing Module is available to execute BCBS 248 stress testing in a completely automated way on the same Intraday Liquidity database.

Download Aquarius Intraday Liquidity Management

Correspondent Banking

This module monitors and manages positions and transactions booked on currency NOSTRO accounts, providing detailed forecasting and management of internal payment queue according to pre-defined criteria (e.g. timing, counterpart, and amount). It provides extensive reconciliation and parametric matching rules (for payments, statements and forecasts). Enables monitoring active positions in Commercial Bank Money on a country and currency basis, according to different time zones and bank profiles.

 Download Aquarius Correspondent Banking


This module allows the management of TARGET Instant Payment Settlement (TIPS) monitoring of the bank’s DCA, transactions and CMBs and enables the exchange of the full range of messages and queries defined over the ESMIG in order to guarantee extended liquidity transfer capabilities with T2 and integrated ROB calculation.