Aquarius: Intraday Liquidity Management for Cash, Securities, and Collateral

Banks, now more than ever, require a simultaneous view of liquidity on a single platform with siloed legacy treasury systems often resulting in inaccurate or conflicting data, the consolidation of which is both time consuming and costly. Additionally, a lack of integration makes compliance with new regulations extremely burdensome.

Aquarius is an innovative and modular Liquidity Management System developed by TAS Group to help banks in the digital transformation of their treasury.

It supports the operational management of cash and liquid assets over different channels: large value payment systems, clearing and settlement systems, correspondent banks. 

It provides a real-time and forecast view of liquidity usage in order to efficiently allocate liquidity as per targeted business models or compliance request.

Dashboard Aquarius

An integrated view for
Cash, Collateral and Liquid Assets

Aquarius is the first liquidity management system providing a fully integrated view for cash, collateral and liquid assets in Central Bank Money and Commercial Bank Money.

Able to work with multi-currency accounts and transactions, it can guarantee a real-time overview on a targeted, single currency.

Integrating BCBS 248 metrics in real-time operations as well as real-time and forecast limit management, Aquarius also provides Intraday Liquidity Reporting and automated Intraday Liquidity Stress Testing.

Aquarius is the best solution for

Main Benefits

 Single solution to manage collateral and cash

 Platform modularity to fit individual customer needs

 Ease of integration between Treasury and Back Office operations

 BCBS 248 guidelines compliance, including key-metrics into the real-time liquidity management

 Single dashboard to manage all bank cash and securities accounts held at National Central Banks, Correspondent Banks, CSDs, Depository

 Customer/Business/Categories visibility and management in real time, regardless the account structures

 Real-time monitoring and alerting systems

 Advanced graphical User Interface (GUI)

 Independence from Settlement and Clearing systems (operational model, data formats and protocols)

 Native ISO 20022 compliant

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The European collateral management system migration is approaching and its impacts may be wider than expected

In this webinar our experts Mario Mendia and Roberto Bruschi focused their discussion on the upcoming ECMS impacts.

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The Covid-19 Pandemic and the Liquidity Management Ecosystem

This short paper, recently issued by the EBA Liquidity Management Working Group (LMWG), of which TAS Group is a member, highlights the major trends that the pandemic helped crystallise in the liquidity management ecosystem and outlines the questions that financial institutions will have to address as they continue to support their corporate clients.

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EBA members can download the full report on the EBA Member Portal

#Liquidity Management

In this video Alessandra Riccardi, Business Analyst Capital Markets and Treasury of TAS Group, explores in more depth the adequacy of BCBS248 metrics in the much-changed market context of today and how banks are addressing the changes and their liquidity management capability.

Watch the video to discover her suggestions for the banking community.

Mandatory pan-European reachability for Instant Payments: How to choose.

Mario Mendia, SVP Capital Markets & Treasury of TAS Group, speaks about the reachability of instant payments in TIPS across the Pan European Landscape, how payment service providers are implementing interoperability, the impact this is having on banks’ liquidity, and how TAS Group is supporting them.

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Active Intraday Liquidity for the instant era

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The ultimate prize

The decision to postpone migration to the eurozone's new consolidated platform for payments settlement has given banks some breathing space. They should make a good use of it, says SVP of TAS Group Mario Mendia.

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In this webinar, payment experts Mario Mendia from TAS Group and Raphael Barisaac from Unicredit speak to Fintech Finance about the dynamic European payments scene today, how it’s evolving, the COVID-effect on payments, how ISO20022 is set to be a game-changer, and the challenges (and opportunities) of the T2/T2S Consolidation project.

ECB marketplace for service providers

On-stage pitch: Mario Mendia on how TAS can support market participants for the ISO20022 migration and the new RTGS.

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Preparing the European financial community for a new era

Capital Markets CIO Outlook interviews Mario Mendia, Head of Capital Markets & Treasury of TAS Group.

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T2/T2S Consolidation: Can digital transformation be an opportunity for liquidity management?

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T2/T2S Consolidation:
An opportunity for digital transformation?
Presented by TAS Group in collaboration with
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T2/T2S Consolidation: Time to act!

How banks are preparing (or not) for T2/T2S consolidation

TAS Group’s Head of Capital Markets & Treasury, Mario Mendia, discusses the challenges of T2/T2S consolidation and why banks need to act now.

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The evolution of Correspondent Banking has just started and is destined to accelerate more and more, affected primarily by pressure from regulation, new payment providers, shrinking margins and changes in customer expectations. 

In the article “The re-shaping of Correspondent Banking: impacts on Banking Treasury”, published on Bobsguide, Alessandra Riccardi analyzes the experiences and lessons learned from the projects developed with banks.

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Intraday Drives Innovation

Mario Mendia, Head of Capital Markets & Treasury at TAS Group, speaks about the impact of T2S and BCBS 248 on intraday liquidity management and explores how firms’ increasingly sophisticated approaches are creating opportunities to do more with business intelligence, instant payments and blockchain.

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Joint TAS Group Cetif research 2015 on T2S

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