Mantica machine learning enhances TAS Group software

Fraud Protect, Harmonizer Hub, Sanction Screening for Service Bureau and Payment Intelligence are all TAS solutions that leverage powerful machine learning models.

Amedeo Borin, CEO of Mantica, talks about the advantages of these technologies for financial operators.

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MANTICA Adaptive Intelligence

The Machine Learning and Big Data platform
to unlock predictive business insights in Fintech

MANTICA Adaptive Intelligence is the innovative and exclusive enterprise platform developed by MANTICA based on Machine Learning and BIG Data Analytics for cross industry use cases.

MANTICA Adaptive Intelligence helps users of all levels of expertise to rapidly produce Advanced Analytics insights, creating operational engines on data with real time response.

 Mantica Adaptive Intelligence Platform

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Adaptive Intelligence icon

Adaptive Intelligence

MANTICA provides an Adaptive Intelligence platform to perform Intelligent Data Mining enabling anyone to build predictive models and integrate them in Business applications.

BIG DATA vs Small Data icon

Big Data vs Small Data

MANTICA finds the best SMALL DATA contents in the BIG DATA context to deduct and discover hidden rules, hidden relationships and similarity behaviors, dramatically reducing process time.

Machine Learning icon

Machine Learning

MANTICA Adaptive Intelligence is based on Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) algorithms. These algorithms, based upon science and mathematics, do indeed allow to fully and deeply understand data to resolve real world problems.

Analytics solution areas

An adaptive approach to intelligent data mining enabling enterprises to look forward and beyond the traditional view of data.
MANTICA is currently applied successfully to resolve real world problems in multiple industries.


Financial services icon

Financial Services

MANTICA makes the holistic view of the customer possible, enabling financial institutions to enhance customer services and to mitigate risk. It can yield insights on behaviour data entities along with pattern recognition, graph exploration, probable hidden relationship services.

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MANTICA improves preventive maintenance performance with a great predictive accuracy to the component level. Optimizing supply chains and creating greater economies of scale, reducing stock-outs, improving forecast accuracy and customer delivery dates.

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The prediction of relevant behavioral outcomes are influenced by consumer preferences, and consumer preferences change quickly. Implicit and explicit behaviors can be incorporated into consumer behavior analysis for developing or improving marketing strategies on time.

 Fraud management 

 Fraud Protect 

TAS Group’s Fraud Protect Solution is an advanced fraud management platform for card and digital payments. It applies machine learning technologies to help reduce fraud risk while enabling frictionless payments for an improved customer experience.

Fraud Protect suite is powered by MANTICA’s Adaptive Intelligence platform.

 Payment Intelligence 

 Payment Intelligence 

Payment Intelligence from TAS Group allows you to generate powerful behavioural and predictive models that aid strategies and decision-making, and provide you with a continually updated, 360-degree view of your customers.

Payment Intelligence is powered by MANTICA’s Adaptive Intelligence platform.

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 Harmonizer hub 

 Harmonizer Hub 

Harmonizer Hub allows you to  harmonize and standardize account movements  to allow banks or TPPs (Third Party Providers) to build and provide new services to their customers based on an aggregated, holistic view of their accounts.

Harmonizer Hub is a solution based on MANTICA's Adaptive Intelligence platform.

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