TAS Academy

Enter TAS Academy, the path to building 360-degree key skills in digital payments

TAS Academy is an intensive training course aimed at young STEM graduates who aspire to a career in the field of digital payments.

The course has a six-week full-time format and aims to train Developers, Testers and Functional Analysts. Taught by our vastly experienced Fintech sector experts, lessons and exercises seek to integrate ICT software design skills with functional and domain aptitudes. 

Each course has a class of 10 students, selected mainly from Engineering, Computer Science, Statistics, Physics, Mathematics and Economics faculties.

TAS Academy offers a concrete opportunity to become part of our teams.

What are you waiting for? Do you have a background in STEM or Economics? Are you a curious person, proactive and interested in discovering the Fintech sector?

Send us your CV to participate in selection for the next edition of TAS Academy.

Sei un laureato STEM con la passione per i pagamenti digitali?

Inviaci il tuo CV per partecipare alla selezione per la prossima edizione di TAS Academy.

Candidatura TAS Academy

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