Payment Networks

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Financial Messaging

Access interbank networks and domestic, international or proprietary payment infrastructures and manage financial messaging more efficiently than ever. Thanks to a highly advanced module structure, flexible and integrated network connections are now easier, safer and more cost-effective.
TAS technology enables connection to the networks and exchange of interbank messages while optimizing business processes for collection and payment activities. TAS connectivity solutions allows for the central management of all orders across different channels in dedicated workflows. Get a complete and homogeneous view of exchange traffic both within your banking group and with commercial or financial counterparties.

The platform for financial messaging

TAS Network Gateway

The platform for financial messaging connects customers to any national or international interbank network in a simple and transparent way, available as in-house installation or as software as a service.
TAS Network Gateway is installed in the heart of the European Central Platform for the management and redistribution of all T2 and T2S messaging as well as in many domestic and global banks – both as the access hub for SWIFTNet, SIAnet and Internet, and as a transformation / validation engine for multiple application frameworks, including SEPA, FIN, Funds, T2 and T2S.

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Service for the exchange of messages between banks and businesses

TAS Network Gateway for Score

Interact with SWIFT's SCORE service for the exchange of messages between banks and businesses. With TAS Network Gateway for Score, you can make payments and receive cash management information simply and securely. This solution delivers a reliable, centralized system for corporate treasuries connected to multiple domestic and international institutions.
Certified for IBM and Oracle engineered systems. A multi-platform application available as in-house installation or as software as a service.

The solution that simplifies FIN connectivity

TAS CBT FinPlatform

TAS CBT FINPlatform is an innovative solution that radically simplifies FIN connectivity through a direct interface for SWIFTNet FIN protocol at an extremely competitive price

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TAS solution to monitor all applications

TAS Advanced Monitor

TAS Advanced Monitor is the TAS Network Gateway component which performs monitoring of all applications. The solution provides a single window for the monitoring and control of both technical aspects linked to correct platform functioning, and of operational aspects related to the management of operations.

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