Financial Messaging

Network Gateway for ESMIG

Access interbank networks and domestic, international or proprietary payment infrastructures and manage financial messaging more efficiently than ever. Thanks to TAS Network Gateway’s highly advanced modular structure, flexible and integrated network connections are now easier, safer and more cost-effective.

TAS technology enables connection to the networks and the exchange of interbank messages while optimizing business processes for collection and payment activities. TAS connectivity solutions allow for the central management of all transactions across different channels in dedicated workflows. Get a complete and homogeneous view of exchanged traffic both within your banking group and with commercial or financial counterparties.

TAS Network Gateway

The platform for financial messaging connects customers to any national or international interbank network in a simple and transparent way, available as an in-house installation, as software as a service (SaaS), and now also in the Cloud.

For over 10 years TAS Network Gateway has been installed at the heart of the European Central Platform for the management and redistribution of all TARGET2 (T2) and TARGET2-Securities (T2S) messaging as well as in many domestic and global banks – both as the access hub for SWIFTNet, SIAnet and the Internet, and as a transformation/validation engine for multiple application frameworks, including SEPA, FIN, Funds, T2, T2S and TARGET Instant Payment Settlement (TIPS).

TAS Network Gateway is SWIFT CBPR+ ready

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TAS Payments Hub

 TAS Payments Hub  is the solution that enables banks to a path of real  “digital transformation” , putting them in a position to react with rapid time-to-market to the ever-new stresses and market complexities coming from PSD2, Open Banking and Eurosystem infrastructure developments .

Current payment management systems, designed as embedded components in the bank's core systems, are unable to address the complex ongoing changes resulting from the introduction of new open-banking technologies and the increasingly imperative requirement of operation h24 hours.

 A hub of services dedicated to payment management , designed as a standalone component compared to the bank's core systems, allows you to address the new challenges with technology that can efficiently adapt to new market trends by reducing costs of management processes.

TAS Payments Hub is based on the TAS Network Gateway platform and allows you to decouple channel applications and focus data and message transport rules on a unified Network Gateway. concentrating all payment processes in one Hub  and managing all types of cash and payment of the Bank's retail and corporate customers.

The underlying technology is oriented to micro services  and allows you to easily integrate traditional and emerging types of channels and payment tools, and to have the highest degree of freedom in the choice of different CSMs (Clearing&Settlement Mechanisms) as well as of the various Network Service Providers (NSPs) that manage connections with such market infrastructures.


T2 has been running smoothly for over a decade, ensuring safety and efficiency in European payments. However, payments have evolved significantly in the meantime due to technological developments, regulatory requirements and changing consumer demands. The new consolidated Targ€t services, scheduled to go live in November 2022, will offer the market enhanced and modernised services via the Eurosystem Single Market Infrastructure Gateway (ESMIG), fully based on the ISO 20022 messaging standard.

PAG€ provides cloud-based Access to the consolidated Eurosystem central platform, allowing TARGET2 participants to easily comply with the new ESMIG interface through the use of both U2A and A2A functionalities.

PAG€ is a state-of-the-art software solution based on TAS technology and experience and Amazon Web Services (AWS) secure cloud, allowing banks to access all available Targ€t services and meet the Consolidation deadline of November 2022 in a fast, simple and cost-effective way.

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TAS Network Gateway for SCORE

SWIFT’s Standardised Corporate Environment (SCORE) provides banks with single point of access to all corporate counterparties and vice versa. With TAS Network Gateway for Score, you can make payments and receive cash management information simply and securely. This solution delivers a reliable, centralized system for corporate treasuries connected to multiple domestic and international institutions.

Certified for IBM and Oracle engineered systems, the multi-platform application is available either as an in-house installation or as software as a service (SaaS).