Turning the T2/T2S Consolidation delay into an opportunity

The ECB decision to postpone the big-bang migration to the new consolidated TARGET services by 12 months, setting the new deadline to November 2022 synchronized with SWIFT’s FIN-ISO20022 migration gives banks and market operators a unique chance to re-assess their project strategy.

At TAS Group, over the past few years we've been working with banks large and small, helping them to prepare for the new Eurosystem Central Platform. We've supported these financial operators both individually as well as through a collaborative approach with partners such as Accenture and KPMG with whom we've led an interbank working group with more than 100 professionals. 

Find out more about TAS expertise and state-of-the-art cloud- or on-premise software solutions that allow banks to best leverage the new rich features of the Consolidated TARGET Services, including Instant Payments through TIPS, TARGET2 with the ISO20022 based application protocol, and the new Eurosystem Collateral Management Platform (ECMS), a real game changer for Banking Treasurers. 

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Liquidity Management Marcus Evans

Active Intraday Liquidity for the instant era 

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Are you considering to natively manage ISO20022 data components in your applications instead of relying on external format conversions? These conversions truncate rich information that you could leverage for added-value services.

Have you compared the 2 certified NSPs’ capabilities and prices to assess which best works with your strategy?

Have you analysed the new A2A functionalities offered by the TARGET Services ESMIG interface and evaluated the incremental STP and liquidity management advantages you could enjoy?

With 12 more months to prepare, perhaps it’s worth carrying out a quick assessment to evaluate whether your current choice of NSP still makes sense in terms of costs and/or services?

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TAS Connectivity solutions for ESMIG

TAS Page for ESMIG

The cloud-based Access Gateway for the Eurosystem Single Market Infrastructure Service

PAG€ is a state-of-the-art cloud-based software solution that allows banks to maintain full NSP independence and to interface with ESMIG in a simple, efficient and cost-effective way. It’s the first Cloud-native solution that allows you to securely and quickly connect to the European TARGET services with a one-stop-shop approach that embeds the certified connectivity service of an accredited NSP. By running a SWIFT certified Service Bureau, as well as a Cloud-based access gateway towards SIA-COLT ESMIG connectivity, you are free to choose your preferred NSP and switching from one to the other has never been so easy.

TAS Network Gateway for ESMIG

Decouples Applications from Network and CSM protocols to lighten the compliance burden

Network Gateway is the TAS flexible application integrator framework that orchestrates financial transactions across multiple channels. For over 10 years TAS Network Gateway has been installed at the heart of the European Central Platform for the management and redistribution of all TARGET2 (T2) and TARGET2-Securities (T2S) messaging as well as in many domestic and global banks

TAS Liquidity Management solution for the new Eurosystem TARGET Services



TAS Aquarius for Target Services

An integrated view and governance of Cash, Collateral and Liquid Assets

TARGET Services will provide Cash, Securities and Collateral services in a single integrated platform. Will you be managing your liquidity through the same integration? Aquarius is an innovative, modular and ISO 20022-native Liquidity Management System developed by TAS Group to help banks in the digital transformation of their treasury. With an integrated view and management of Cash, Collateral and Liquid Assets, Aquarius allows your treasury to fully take advantage of the new TARGET services and to elevate your liquidity management to the next level.

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