PayStorm ATM Management


Since the advent of the global financial crisis, banks are increasingly facing multiple stakeholder pressures. Transformation is necessary to grapple with a low economic growth environment, keeping pace at the same time with an ever more demanding clientele and divergent global regulatory reforms aimed at regaining customer trust in the Financial Industry.

Several factors affect the competitive landscape in a global marketplace where digitalization, demographic shifts plus a changing workforce are impacting every business: banks need to innovate to engage with customers!

Major surveys by relevant market analysts highlight bank's efforts to downsize their unprofitable branch facilities, gradually moving from a ‘processing factory’ to an advisory/asset based one, meeting needs-based sales and service oriented delivery.

Changes in customer expectations and behavior require the future of branch banking to offer a community-like, mobile accessible banking experience, with a high touch personalized feel and large-scale infrastructure capabilities behind it. Meeting the evolving needs of customers can deeply affect both loyalty and new acquisition.

Cost and process streamlining are highly important but, above all, improving the customer experience and service delivery change are the key pillars for every branch transformation project.

Whether your strategy is cutting costs, attracting new market segments or increasing transactions with higher margins, innovations in technology can ease the way to improving value-add services. PayStorm  ATM management suite addresses all the above objectives.


Redefining the ATM customer experience

PayStorm is a modular, highly scalable software solution providing full ATM channel management. Banks, financial institutions and independent service organizations can easily and effectively manage ATMs, Kiosks, Internet and mobile device channels in a fully automated, secure and integrated environment to deliver a seamless, modern customer experience.  

Key features include:

    • Management of both basic and advanced ATM functionalities
    • EMV Security and RKL functionalities
    • Switching and routing of ATM transactions   
    • Multivendor client software certified with the most widely used ATM brands
    • Multi-protocol, multi-bank and multi-language
    • Cash optimization engine
    • Enhanced ATM monitoring and remote management  
    • Centralized and automated marketing campaign management (CRM integration)
    • Easy integration with legacy environments and third-party solutions


Whether you are a Bank or Banking Group that wants control over its ATM network, an Independent ATM network wishing to establish its own circuit, or a Sponsor Bank looking to set-up a shared ATM service / network solution, PayStorm ATM Managment can help you meet your objectives with ease and speed.

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