Financial Connectivity at Low Cost

Outsourcing toTAS Service Bureau is a cost effective and complete solution for straight through processing that provides a secure inter-bank and corporate-to-bank connectivity. 

  • Single channel for multiple networks
  • SWIFT certified
  • EBICS Ready
  • Available in all countries
  • Distributed datacenters in Italy and France.
  • ISO 20022 and 15022 compliancy 

TAS Service Bureau: Focus On Financial Networks

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TAS Service Bureau value-added feature for AML

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TAS Service Bureau
key features

  • Certified by SWIFT and managed by SWIFT Certified TAS Specialists
  • Cheap and fast activation of services
  • Single Channel for multiple networks and simultaneous data transmissions
  • Support of translation and transcoding of any message format
  • Mapping to/from a set of dictionary predefined messages
  • Workflow Management to adapt to customer business processes
  • Bulk & Unbulk of messages to/from files
  • Available in all countries through TAS Data Centers located in Italy and France

If you are a
Financial Institution

Outsourcing the connectivity to TAS costs significantly less than managing in-house network access and potentially offers you a single point of access to multiple networks.

Services available from TAS Service Bureau include:

  • SWIFTNet and EBICS services – FIN, InterAct, FileAct, Secure Browse and Internet
  • Business Services – SEPA, T2, T2S, FUNDS, SCORE, etc.
  • Anti-Money Laundering filtering
  • Messages transcoding and mapping
  • Workflow manager and Routing manager
  • Many other services

If you are a

Almost 70% of corporates connect to SWIFTNet and EBICS through a Service Bureau maximizing the cost-effectiveness, eliminating the need for highly specialized in-house experts and reducing the multiple systems to a single interface.

Services available from TAS Service Bureau include:

  • Single connection for all your networks and counterparties
  • SWIFTNet and EBICS services – FIN, InterAct, FileAct, Secure Browse and Internet
  • Business Services – SEPA, SCORE, etc.
  • Account Reporting
  • Message transcoding and mapping
  • Integration with the ERPs
  • Workflow manager and Routing Manager
  • Many other services