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In a scenario of strong acceleration of the processes aimed at improving the relationship between citizens and institutions, TAS has a specific line of products dedicated to simplifying relationships and services between citizens, government, businesses and the banking system, underscoring the value that is provided by integrated management and end-to-end control of processes. The USP of the TAS proposition is the ability to integrate and harmonize the processes and the services offered, such as combining electronic invoicing and e-billing, services provided by CBI standards and solutions associated with the Digital Agenda. With innovative technology and methods of delivery, the TAS solutions integrate multiple payment channels (e-commerce, e-banking, mobile, private circuits, etc.), and they are an interface between standards and key players in the domestic and international scene (CBI, SOGEI, PEPPOL , etc.), enabling and accelerating the creation of value added services for the community.


Egov solution for paying taxes, duties and public goods and services


PayTAS is the platform providing citizens, businesses and Public Administration entities a single access point for paying taxes, duties and public goods and services, using a multitude of methods. The service can be accessed from the internet, mobile devices, ATMs and other non-banking acceptance networks. Citizens and businesses can easily keep track of their position with regards to the PA, whereas Public Administration offices remain constantly up-to-date on taxpayers’ situations.

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Egov solution dedicated to the issue of Payments-SPC


TAS eGo is the Digital solution dedicated to the issue of Payments-SPC, the public technology infrastructure already in place that has been made available by the Agency for Digital Italy (AgID) in order to make the system of electronic payments more coherent and efficient. The solution makes it possible to communicate with the NdP via the PAP (Payments Application Port) components. PAPs give users simplified interfaces that make the communication with the NdP-SPC infrastructure efficient and provide the services required by the legislation that regulates membership of the AgiD payment platform. PAPs have also been designed to enable payment scenarios mediated by other channels such as CBILL and MyBank.

TAS solution for managing  active and passive cycles of invoices


FeelTAS offers government offices and businesses a collaborative platform for de-materializing, automating and controlling the active and passive cycles of invoices. The processes include storage, shipping, multichannel payments, and reconciliation. Companies can activate between each other (B2B) and with government authorities (B2G) a virtuous circle of cooperation that provides immediate benefits in terms of cost savings, and makes it possible to activate payment and advance payment financial tools in a transparent manner, using the banking network and the standard networks of the Italian government authorities (SOGEI) and of the European Union.

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