Digital Insurance

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Digital Insurance

Payments and collections process innovation is a main focus nowadays in the insurance sector, aiming at modernizing and extending the customer experience while enhancing customer engagement and the quality of the overall relationship with the company. With this in mind, the PayTAS solution suite has evolved into TAS InPAY to match new requirements in digital insurance, allowing the industry to leverage a consolidated multi-channel payment initiation and reconciliation platform from TAS, already adopted in the public sector and by banks.

TAS solutions for digital insurance


InPay enables digital fulfillment of the sales process for the insurance industry, allowing the end-customer to pay in an integrated, real-time way and choose his preferred means of payment, channel and device. This TAS solution can govern the whole credit position from notice to historic archiving on behalf of the insurer, and orchestrate single payments or multiple installments associated with it. It integrates innovative collection methods unlocking a truly mobile customer experience, complies with all domestic payment standards as well as SEPA channels (e.g. MyBank) and easily adapts to any potential new payment schemes arising in the market.

TAS InPay in brief

Find out the offering integrated with the sales front-end ISA (Insurance Sales Accelerator) by Dedagroup

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