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TAS at Cartes 2015

Shape your payment experience with!

TAS was at CARTES 2015 presenting the new modules of cashless 3.0, our revolutionary platform exploiting the latest innovations in the payments sector and covering all Card Payments Lifecycle business processes.

 TAS HCE on CARTES Innovation TV

"Are HCE Mobile Wallets just mere tokens of your Issuer’s appreciation?"

Missed our Workshop on CARTES Innovation TV area? Watch it now! Olivier Sery - Director of Business Partnerships and General Manager in Spain - reviewed the impacts of HCE on existing business models and infrastructure, drawing from our implementation experiences and continued success stories with issuers across Southern Europe.

 Experience our live demos as presented at CARTES!

Couldn't make it to the show? You can still discover the hottest cashless 3.0 technologies. Contact us at to schedule your free demo with a TAS expert.

Branch Innovation

branch innovationAttract new customers with the latest generation of ATM terminals and kiosks!
Don’t just dispense cash. Provide a wide range of advanced services like: cash-in, cash change, top-up, e-ticketing, bill pay, and more.

Omnichannel POS

omnichannel POSAccept payments anywhere at anytime!
Mobile POS for ultimate portability, security and ease of use. Merchants can connect via Bluetooth to accept payment cards “on the go.”



HCEVirtualize your payment card and never have to show or swipe it again!
Through HCE technology you can implement apps and digital wallet services for smartphones that use virtual, cloud-based cards for NFC-POS payments.

Smart Cities

Smart CityMake your parking payment easy, fast and secure!
No coins? No problem. New mobile services make paying for parking more convenient than ever

Great seeing you at CARTES 2015!

Thank you to everyone who attended our Innovation TV workshop or stopped by the TAS Group booth. We hope you enjoyed your visit and our hospitality. CARTES 2015 is over but we looking forward to building even stronger customer and partner relationships with you in 2016.

Want to know more, continue the discussion or learn how you can shape your payments experience with cashless 3.0?

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