IQS - Collaborative on-demand payment application, network and device testing

IQS collaborative


IQS puts an end to client-side test tool deployment and to decentralised management of QA.

All connections between IQS and the applications being tested are centralised and shared along with the storage of test configurations and test results.

Centralised access to IQS encourages collaboration amongst staff, helping to develop a more agile working culture covering both development and QA processes. The time taken to resolve problems can be significantly reduced when using IQS, as both development and QA staff will share test configurations and results while focusing on rapid fault resolution.

IQS on-demand


IQS is available as a fully managed on-demand service operated by Infraxis or as a deployment on customer’s own infrastructure. In either case the same powerful features are available to IQS users.

A dedicated IQS instance is made available for each IQS customer, which is then configured to meet that customer’s specific testing requirements.
Users access IQS through standard web browsers, so there is no client software to install and IQS access is immediate for all users that require it.
IQS options include LDAP support, enabling standard integration with enterprise-wide access management solutions.

IQS Asset Store

IQS Asset Store

Infraxis operates the IQS Asset Store, which is a dedicated one-stop online portal for IQS customers. IQS customers can securely download licenses and test packs for use with their IQS instance, request assistance from Infraxis experts and get access to IQS documentation when they need it - on demand.
Published test packs downloaded from the Asset Store are loaded in to an IQS instance and configured, simplifying the preparation process and minimising the time needed before testing can begin.

Testing releases

Testing Releases

IQS release management enables test configurations to follow the development lifecycle of an application. By duplicating the current release’s IQS configuration to form the basis for the next release, a new IQS test configuration is immediately available for modification and testing of the latest application features as they are developed.
IQS supports testing for an unrestricted number of releases, with each release configuration managed independently from all others. Older configurations can be archived and deleted as and when required.

Test Management

Test Management

New tests are simply created using test templates that specifically match the purpose of the test pack in use.
Individual tests can be grouped in to test sets, so testing with IQS logically follows functional areas of an application. Tests can be executed individually or as a complete set.
Data sources are defined for specific purposes, which guarantees selected data elements are present for each test pack. Users choose and configure the data they wish to use for test execution by simply selecting data identities from within a data source.
Multiple data sources can be defined for a single purpose within a test pack, which is very useful for keeping data logically segmented, for example, keeping data for various card schemes separated.
Test data can be easily updated in a data source through a browser. Alternatively, data can be managed externally using a spreadsheet editor before importing into IQS.

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