Discover our Modular SaaS Solution for EU Instant Payments Compliance

Stay ahead of the curve with TAS’s comprehensive solution tailored to meet the latest EU Instant Payments regulations that signal a transformative shift in the payments landscape across the European Union.

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Key Regulations Overview

  • Instant transfers must take no longer than ten seconds from approval, offering immediate liquidity for individuals and businesses.
  • Costs of instant payments must not exceed those of regular transfers.
  • Efficient handling of multiple instant fund transfer orders is mandated, particularly beneficial for B2B payments.
  • Inclusion of payment and electronic money institutions in instant euro transfers to foster wider participation.
  • Universal access to instant euro fund transfers for all Payment Service Users (PSUs) without disparities in channels.
Instant payments

TAS’s Solution Highlights:

  • Full compliance with SEPA Inst protocol requirements, ensuring processing time <10 sec

  • Cloud-native platform enabling real-time 24×7 operations

  • Omni-channel accessibility via corporate portal, retail banking, and back-office

  • API interfaces facilitating payment initiation, reachability, and message requests

  • Advanced features including message enhancement, screening, pairing, and “Four Eyes” principle for secure workflow management

  • Scalability and fault tolerance ensuring seamless operations even during peak times

  • Certified full SWIFT message interface for robust network connectivity

Why choose us

Fast time to market

Compliance integrated in the modules

Pre-certified components


Modular approach allows banks to customize solutions based on specific needs

Flexibility and configurability

Flexible implementation options including cloud, on-premises, or SaaS mode


Dedicated support from TAS experts to ensure successful compliance and implementation

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