TAS Group’s latest figures confirm double-digit growth with increased revenues and EBITDA margin that has more than doubled year-on-year

The consolidated 2019 financial statements of TAS Group, approved yesterday by its Board of Directors, show that all the indicators have increased compared to the previous year with a double-digit increase in core revenues of 24% totaling 56.4 million Euros compared to 45.5 million the previous year, a more than doubled EBITDA margin, and net profit amounting to 9% of revenues.

The 2020-22 multi-year Strategic Plan was also approved, which reaffirms the goal of consolidating market leadership with the Group’s core offering (Payments, Treasury & Capital Markets) and the conquering of new business areas thanks to regulatory compliance (in particular PSD2 and T2/T2S consolidation) as well as the expansion of its presence on the international market with greater geographical coverage and the development of its global partnerships. This plan, prepared prior to the COVID-19 crisis, provides for a CAGR of turnover in the related period of more than 13% and, at the end of the period, an EBITDA margin corresponding to 35% of revenues.

With regard to the COVID-19 situation, all Group companies confirm that they are fully operational due to the adoption of smart working.

President Dario Pardi and CEO Valentino Bravi expressed their satisfaction with the balance sheet results which show the fruits of the strategic path started in 2016 with the Management Buy Out operation led by the two managers, as well as the investments made over the last five years in R&D to ensure an ever-more innovative offering.

TAS Group proves to be an increasingly strategic player within the sectors in which it operates, principally that of digital payments and capital markets, with advanced platforms able to proactively address new market developments. These platforms include the new microservices platform for TPPs operating in the post-PSD2 era; the Aquarius platform, aimed at Financial Institution Treasuries, which transforms the Consolidation T2/T2S project requirements into an opportunity for digitization and optimization of intraday liquidity; and the GPP (Global Payments Platform), now in an advanced development stage, one of the world’s first cloud-native integrated solutions for managing digital payments – both card and account-based – and fraud prevention, with its microservice technology guaranteeing maximum modularity and scalability.

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