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TAS Group launches TAS Group Cloud Services

Sophia Antipolis, 24 June 2021 – TAS Group unveils a new brand and a new service line: TAS Group Cloud Services.

The operational heart of TAS Group’s SaaS and cloud services is concentrated in the Sophia-Antipolis Datacentre supported by other Datacentres in Europe (Milan, Bologna, Paris).

By virtue of the large SME clientele with which it has worked since 1997, TAS France, the French subsidiary of TAS Group has developed a unique expertise in offering flexible, tailor-made hosting and housing solutions adapted to the different stages of the digital transition of businesses. TAS Group Cloud Services combines all this know-how that companies have been benefiting from for many years.

Thanks to the synergy with TAS Group as a whole, TAS France can now go beyond regional borders and operate on a global scale, providing innovative solutions that reinforce the independence of SMEs and the protection of their data.

Its IT outsourcing value propositions are adapted to each company context (business activity, existing infrastructure, organization, projects, …) thanks to the provision of added value services to meet the new technical, regulatory and data protection requirements imposed by the challenges of digital technology.

Therefore, TAS France is certified ISO 9001, ISO 27001 (information security), HDS (health data protection) and PCI-DSS (credit card data protection), resulting in a superior level of certification in terms of quality of service and data protection.

In addition, a SOC (Security Operation Centre) prevents, identifies and tracks cyber-attacks and anomalies detected on the network, which could cause a risk to the company’s business continuity.

Francesco de Simoni, General Manager of TAS France, commented: “Until now, TAS Group’s cloud service offerings were not grouped under a single name. Given the growing demand for services in this area and the quality of TAS Group’s offer, we decided to communicate our value proposition more clearly “.

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