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TAS Group is certified as PCI-DSS Level 1 Service Provider

TAS Group’s POS payment acceptance services have been successfully migrated to the Cloud, with no disruption to the live merchants. The new infrastructure is based on containers (Kubernetes) and makes extensive use of Amazon Web Services (AWS) PaaS services, including Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) and Amazon Aurora.

In addition to the proven advantages typical of the Cloud technology – such as scalability, simplification of Business Continuity, redundancy, the possibility of decreasing the effort dedicated to infrastructure management – the decision to migrate to AWS Cloud was driven by the PCI certification already obtained by this provider, a market leader in the Finance sector.

AWS Italy has supported our team in a very effective way, both in the design and in the execution of the project,” declared Andrea Paolini, IT Infrastructure Manager of TAS Group, “allowing us to obtain the PCI DSS compliance certification at the beginning of November, a few months after the launch of the initiative, and in time to face the hottest period of the year for e-commerce and in-store purchases.”

The new service configuration offered by TAS Group is based on AWS regional infrastructures in Dublin, Frankfurt and Milan. The overall infrastructure is also integral part of TAS Global Payment Platform, the highly modular new enterprise payment processing architecture developed by TAS to serve both incumbents and new entrants in the Open Banking and Open Finance ecosystem.

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