NOVEMBER 27 2018
Tags: capital markets

TAS Group and KPMG lead a collaborative path towards T2/T2S Consolidation

The TARGET2 and TARGET2-Securities platforms are the Eurosystem’s principal market infrastructures for payments and securities settlement. The main objective of the T2/T2S Consolidation project is to bring them together into a single integrated infrastructure that is more efficient, open and modern.

With its strong T2/T2S technological and functional leadership, TAS Group supports the banks with its Aquarius and Network Gateway solutions and considerable expertise in the field.

TAS Group’s commitment to helping the banks navigate this significant transition process was further evidenced during a dedicated workshop in Milan, held during the Payvolution days  and attended by many Banking Treasurers, Central Securities Depositories and Regulators. TAS Group and KPMG chose this event to announce their collaboration and the launch of an inter-bank working group, aimed at creating a “community” for those wishing to share approaches and looking for best practices throughout the consolidation path.


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