MARCH 18 2019
Tags: cashless, cloud, oracle

Excellent benchmark results confirm strong potential of CARD3.0 on the Oracle Cloud

TAS Group has successfully completed the benchmarking of its card management and processing system, Card3.0, on the Oracle Cloud, achieving very positive results.

For the exercise, we processed more than 20 million transactions, ramping up the peak transaction volumes simulating bank scenarios for the processing of transactions corresponding to 1M, 5M and 15M cards. 

We were able to confirm linear scaling of the platform as we increased the number of transactions to more than 300 txs/second without any significant degradation of the transaction response times.  

We have been an early adopter of the cloud, and our flagship product line, Card3.0, was built to be cloud native. We consider Oracle as having one of the most secure, reliable and flexible cloud platforms on the market, especially for enterprise customers in the financial sector.

This benchmarking validates the strong value proposition to customers who require high flexibility, scalability, performance, not to mention excellent system resilience and a low TCO.

By offering an agile, cost-effective alternative to on-premise mainframe installations, cloud computing allows businesses to efficiently manage peaks and troughs and quickly adapt to their customers’ needs.