UNITI Cards & Automations Forum 2021

12-13 October 2021 - InterContinental Hotel Berlin, Germany


Infraxis - TAS Group is among the Platinum sponsors of the conference which will focus on changes in European payments and their effects on the petrol station business. Leveraging our subsidiary Infraxis’ expertise as a primary solution provider in this space with the PayStorm fuel card platform, we’ll showcase our most recent solutions for the Fuel operators.

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Visit Infraxis - TAS Group booth #12 to discover PayStorm Fuel

Infraxis is demonstrating fleet card digitisation here at Uniti,where standard fleet cards are digitised and provisioned to apps for immediate contactless usage. You can also experience app integration via APIs for mobile-first onboarding and self-management for both fleet cards and international payment brands.

Whether your organisation needs to acquire fleet or international branded cards, authorisation against a card portfolio or to simply switch out to the card issuer for authorisation, Infraxis has the solution to satisfy your processing requirements.

If you require an app to better support of your customer base, perform contactless or app channel payments for refueling or e-mobility at forecourts (indoor or outdoor) or to capitalise on customer loyalty, then Infraxis has solutions ready for app integration today.


PayStorm Mobile

PayStorm - Microservice Technology for Fuel & Fleet Payment Processing

PayStorm - Microservice Technology for Fuel & Fleet Payment Processing



PayStorm Fuel is a vertical module of the PayStorm card and digital payments issuing and acquiring platform and can be deployed independently as a stand-alone application or as part of the wider PayStorm platform installation.



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