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At EBAday we brought our view and solutions to help banks adapt to ever-changing regulations and streamline their processes on the most current topics: Open Banking, ISO 20022 MigrationInstant Payments, Request to Pay, Intraday LiquidityCorrespondent Banking and Cloud Modernization.

Payments in a real-time world – reality, future or utopia?

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Mario Mendia, SVP International Markets at TAS Group, shared his vision from a very unique standpoint, one that characterizes our Fintech position on the market: the convergence between cards and instant payments, and how to simplify integration to facilitate this convergence.

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TAS Spotlight

#Liquidity Management

In this video Alessandra Riccardi, Business Analyst Capital Markets and Treasury of TAS Group, explores in more depth the adequacy of BCBS248 metrics in the much-changed market context of today and how banks are addressing the changes and their liquidity management capability.

 Watch the video to discover her suggestions for the banking community.

Get more insight by reading the article "How the T2-T2S Consolidation and Instant Payments will affect BCBS248"


#Payment Schemes Connectivity

In this video Gianpiero Caretti, Senior Business Development Global Payments of TAS Group, explains how connectivity needs have evolved for businesses over the past years and how banks and technology providers are addressing these changes.

 Watch the video to discover how we can help both the supply and the demand side.

Get more insight by reading the white paper "Last mile connectivity to the financial networks"


#Open Banking

In this video Marco Pozzo, Senior Business Development Global Payments of TAS Group, shares his point of view regarding the changing scenarios and the arising challenges in the Open Banking era, highlighting the biggest challenges for AISPs and PISPs nowadays.

  Watch the video to discover how we can help both banking TPPs and new non banking challengers.


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Roberto Bruschi
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Gianpiero Caretti
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