TAS Group has proudly sponsored two key EU conferences in June, Payments CEE Summit and EBAday 2021, that have clearly shown how deeply t...

JULY 01 2021

Global payments trends : TAS Group’s view

Embedded Finance and Payments Convergence: not to be underestimated by PSPs. Read our article from Business at EBAday 2021

Press Release - June 22 2021

TAS Group invests in wearables fintech Flywallet

TAS Group enters the company’s capital to accelerate the go-to-market of the contactless payments wallet linked to the Keyble wearables.

APRIL 23 2021

PSPs told us how they are dealing with the key changes and challenges being thrust upon them today

We recently surveyed Payment Service Providers from around the world about how they are dealing with today’s volatile payments landscape....

MARCH 16 2021

Cascade Processing to launch first card program on its modern Issuer processing platform

Cascade has announced the imminent launch of THAT™ Visa® Prepaid Card.