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JULY 14 2021

Digital transformation progress in the European Banking Community – now more than ever

TAS Group has proudly sponsored two key EU conferences in June, Payments CEE Summit and EBAday 2021, that have clearly shown how deeply t...

MAY 20 2021

How the T2-T2S Consolidation and Instant Payments will affect BCBS248

Read the insightful article by Alessandra Riccardi, Business Analyst Capital Markets & Treasury of TAS Group

APRIL 23 2021

PSPs told us how they are dealing with the key changes and challenges being thrust upon them today

We recently surveyed Payment Service Providers from around the world about how they are dealing with today’s volatile payments landscape....

MARCH 16 2021

Instant Payments: the TIPS reachability deadline is fast approaching

All banks today offering instant payments (SCT INST) and reachable in TARGET2, must become reachable in TIPS before the end of the year