SWIFT-Certified CBPR+

TAS Network Gateway and Aquarius are now ready to support the ISO 20022 Cross-Border Payments and Reporting Plus specs

NOVEMBER 14 2020

TIPS becomes mandatory for reachability - are you ready?

TIPS mandatory for reahability

PSPs have less than 11 weeks to decide how

Press Release - November 13 2020

TAS Group Q3 results: revenues and margins continue to grow

Profit significantly improved compared to the same period of 2019

NOVEMBER 10 2020

Request to Pay, TAS reveals the advantages of the new pan-European standard

R2P the missing piece

The new SEPA R2P enables PSPs to offer a more digital, efficient and end-to-end user experience, irrespective of the target segment

Press Release - October 13 2020

TAS Group again earns a place in the 2020 IDC FinTech Rankings

IDC Fintech 2020 Rankings

IDC has just released its 2020 Fintech Ranking, the most comprehensive vendor ranking in the financial services industry featuring top 100 global providers of financial technology.


ECB discloses new plans and milestones for TARGET Services

The TCCG has issued the new T2/T2S Consolidation roadmap


TAS Group’s growth does not slow down despite the pandemic: double-digit increase in EBITDA

TAS' consolidated half-year report

TAS' consolidated half-year report has been approved by the Board of Directors. The document highlights growth in all the indicators, with double-digit increase in the Gross Operating Margin

Press Release - September 14 2020

ITSS and TAS announce strategic partnership to boost innovation in the payments solutions domain

TAS & ITSS announce strategic partnership

TAS and ITSS, both Temenos partners, will offer solutions in the area of Payments, Card Management Services and Intraday Liquidity management to T24 Transact core banking customers worldwide


Outsourcing to Cloud Service Providers – TAS responds to consultation on ESMA guidelines

TAS recently contributed to ESMA’s regulator consultations offering valuable recommendations on key requirements for financial market participants


The European Payments Ecosystem - Fintech Finance Virtual Arena

European Payments Ecosystem

What happens when technology and banking come together? Find out in our Virtual Arena video


Turning T2/T2S Consolidation postponement into an opportunity

ECB has given the green light for the T2/T2S Consolidation 1-year postponement

AUGUST 31 2020

Mercator White Paper – How to survive in the crowded world of Merchant Acquiring

Read the Mercator white paper sponsored by TAS Group and find out how to survive in the crowded world of Merchant Acquiring - especially if you’re an ISO or a niche player

JULY 21 2020

CABEL chooses TAS Group to transform its payment management infrastructure into a Payment Hub

The company specialized in outsourcing services for the banking sector takes a further step in its digital transformation roadmap to acquire greater competitive advantage from an Open Banking and SEPA perspective

JULY 17 2020

TAS connects to Mastercard Network Gateway Services to boost network access capabilities

cashless, e-payment

TAS Group has just launched a new service that allows out-of-the-box connectivity to all the major US signature networks

Press Release - June 30 2020

The closing of the purchase of Infraxis AG has been completed

TAS Group strengthens its international presence and lays the foundations for further growth in the world of payments into new territories

Press Release - June 26 2020

TAS Group boosts synergies between Group companies, optimizing skills and leveraging assets for the domestic and international market

TAS Group perfects the strategic direction for Global Payments SpA and TAS International SA

Press Release - June 08 2020

TAS International acquires INFRAXIS AG

With this transaction TAS Group accelerates its international development strategy in the areas of e-money and payment systems, acquires important Swiss and German bank and processor customers and strengthens its microservices delivery capacity

MAY 29 2020

TAS Group & Rise Against Hunger: meals delivered to Zimbabwe schools

TAS Group supports Rise Against Hunger

Rise Against Hunger delivers the meals prepared by TAS Group employees and their friends

MAY 28 2020

Beyond Target2 / T2S Consolidation

On 19th May, TAS Group and its partners, Accenture and KPMG, provided Italian market operators with an orientation framework with which to approach the ECMS Project

MAY 13 2020

TAS launches PAG€: the cloud-based Access Gateway to the Eurosystem Single Market Infrastructure Service (ESMIG)

PAG€ the cloud-access gateway to the ESMIG

The Consolidated T2/T2S platform goes live in 2021 and banks have to adapt their access mode to reach the Eurosystem, especially those who currently connect to T2 over the Internet, since this will no longer be allowed.

MAY 12 2020

PecunPay to migrate to CARD 3.0 IE to support its rapid expansion

Pecunpay migrstes to Cahless 3.0

PecunPay, the Spain’s largest e-money Institution, has decided to migrate to CARD 3.0 IE to support a strong business growth

MAY 11 2020

The new ECMS is coming – now is the time to act

TAS Group is actively involved in  T2 / T2S Consolidation milestone

TAS Group has been closely following the developments of the new ECMS as it has been doing for the T2 / T2S Consolidation milestone, and is actively helping banks to prepare, especially in managing collateral and treasury funding.

MAY 08 2020

Payment Intelligence: a new console for Customer Insight

with Payment Intelligence get Customer Insights through Behavior Analytics

TAS Group’s Payment Intelligence allows you to generate powerful behavioural and predictive models that support business strategies and decision-making processes

Press Release - April 14 2020

TAS Group doubles donation for Coronavirus research

TAS Group is driving a charity initiative in favor of the fight against COVID-19

APRIL 06 2020

Open Banking without borders

TAS joins Open Banking Europe

TAS Group joins with its Global Payments experts the Service Provider Program of Open Banking Europe (OBE) promoted by Preta.

MARCH 19 2020

TAS Group’s latest figures confirm double-digit growth with increased revenues and EBITDA margin that has more than doubled year-on-year

Consolidated 2019 financial statements

The consolidated 2019 financial statements of TAS Group, approved yesterday by its Board of Directors, show that all the indicators ...

Press Release - March 12 2020

TAS Group brings its state-of-the-art card and mobile payments management platform to the Temenos MarketPlace

Temenos MarketPlace welcomes TAS Group

Temenos customers, from digital-first challengers to established banks, will now be able to design, issue and manage innovative payment products and enjoy unparalleled flexibility and time to market.

MARCH 09 2020

Coronavirus Emergency Update

Coronavirus Emergency Update

Following the new decree signed yesterday, 8 March, by the Prime Minister on " Urgent measures for the containment and management of...

Press Release - March 04 2020

Smart working and payments digitalization: TAS Group is not slowed down by the Covid-19 emergency

Smart Working and payments digitalization:

TAS Group, leader in Italy in the supply of software and services for banking and financial applications, has been successfully applying ...

Press Release - February 17 2020

TAS Group’s foreign subsidiaries reorganized under TAS International S.A.

TAS S.p.A. carried out the transfer to TAS International S.A. of all the investments held by TAS in the other TAS Group foreign subsidiaries

JANUARY 24 2020

Time to integrate real-time fraud detection in your payment systems!

Fraud Detection Webinar

Join IBM and TAS/Mantica Webinar on February 18 11:00 AM ET

Press Release - January 21 2020

Over 12 banks have selected TAS Group solutions to prepare for the T2/T2S Consolidation Project

T2/T2S Consolidation Project

Milan, 21 January 2020 - TAS SpA (BIT: TAS), a leading European provider of software and services for banking and financial applicat...

JANUARY 07 2020


Class CNBC intervista Dario Pardi e Valentino Bravi, Presidente e CEO di TAS Group, durante il Salone dei Pagamenti. Guarda l’intervista completa su Milano Finanza.

JANUARY 07 2020

Our 2019 in Review

Our 2019 in Review

Click on the infographic to see some of the highlights from 2019