TAS Service Bureau for Financial Institutions

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TAS Service Bureau is intended for any financial institution needing to access the SWIFT network, without making any investment to set-up its own SWIFTNet Gateway. Outsourcing the connectivity to TAS costs significantly less than managing SWIFT access in-house. You will also benefit from our decades of experience as a major service provider of SWIFT’s connectivity, integration projects and professional services.

By connecting to TAS Service Bureau, you can focus on your core business competencies, freeing up internal resources, cutting down costs and offloading the risks and liabilities of maintaining and managing your own SWIFT infrastructure. You will rely on a SWIFT Certified Service Bureau with SWIFT Certified professional human resources.
Services available from TAS Service Bureau include standard SWIFTNet Services (FIN, InterAct, FileAct, Secure Browse) and business services for SEPA, T2, T2S, FUNDS, SCORE and account reporting, along with other SWIFT and bank-specific services.


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