TAS Service Bureau for Corporates

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Managing transactions and accounts via your banks' electronic services becomes more complicated as you work with more banks. Multiple systems, multiple logins and proprietary user interfaces are complex to manage and often a source of issues. Switching or adding new banks for any reason is a real challenge.
For these reasons, almost 70% of corporates connect to SWIFTNet through a service bureau maximizing the cost-effectiveness and eliminating the need for highly specialized in-house SWIFT experts.

TAS Service Bureau gives you a unified economic and easy interface for all your banks' interfaces, automating your payments and reporting. Our Service Bureau delivers the benefits of a single connection to SWIFTNet without the investment necessary to support your own multiple connections and to comply with the evolving regulatory framework.
Services available from TAS Service Bureau include standard SWIFTNet Services — FIN, InterAct, FileAct, Secure Browse — and business services for SEPA, SCORE and account reporting, along with SWIFT and corporate-specific services.

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