TAS Group Datacenter

TAS Group, a leading company in providing software solutions and services, chose France in 1997 to set up its own hosting infrastructure. 

In 2017, a new 850 m2 Tier 4 level Datacenter has come to complete an offer of services with very high added value.

Designed and built with the “state of the art” technologies, this new datacenter has an energy efficiency coefficient (PUE) of 1.3 which positions it at world class level.

The design of the building and the procedures and tools put in place allow us to announce an availability rate of at least 99.99% for our hosting services.

Our offers start with the renting of a dedicated space for 1 U at € 65 per month and extend to the renting of entire dedicated racks allowing access 24/7.

To facilitate your migration projects, we put at your disposal, without invoicing, up to one rack for a 3 months’ period in order to limit or even eliminate your hosting costs during the test and pre-test production phases.

IP addresses and IP traffic are most frequently included in our offers, but you can ask for housing without any IP service from us and manage your own network services.

Power consumption is included.

Service commitments are formalized by contract with a penalty grid if they are not respected. The 4 levels of contractual service commitment are:  

- The availability of hosting services up to 99.99%

- Integrity of transported IP packets

- The latency time of the assigned IP traffic 

- The processing time of reported incidents 

We operate our infrastructure and administer the servers and networks of our customers with our own engineers and technicians, without any subcontracting.

Our main Datacenter is located in Sophia Antipolis, near Nice on the Côte d'Azur, in the heart of a leading digital technology technopole, with a very prolific ecosystem in terms of innovation and new technologies.

TAS Group Datacenter Specifications

International Network

From our main Sophia Antipolis Datacenter our team of network experts oversees an international infrastructure which allows both to ensure the continuity of our services locally and to manage services internationally, via CDN and geolocated servers.

Internet traffic is redundant and highly available through our connection to the largest international network operators.

Our AS (Autonomous System) status and our points of presence and peering in Europe allow us to route your traffic in all circumstances via the most efficient transit routes.

Network TAS Group