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Whether it's a new project or the development of an existing one, we examine with our customers their information system components and look for the best scenario mixing IT insourcing and outsourcing. The issue is to identify the relevant sourcing and management strategy for IT resources : network, servers, storage, skills, support.

Whatever could be this strategy, we propose to build the target infrastructure according to an agile process, based on the "Devops" principles.     

Being part of a group developing and integrating software, our engineers are versatile and able to set up and configure systems and middleware, for the best possible results in production. 

We’ll always prefer to recommend a high-performance architecture that will optimize the resources and instances, rather than allocating cloud services “on demand” without any analysis and poorly sized.   



Our engineers, by experience, education and curiosity, have a very good understanding of business issues to be addressed as to bring added value to the customers.

Whether it's web projects isolated from the internal IT or hybrid computing mixing web flows and the traditional flows of business management, we know how to define, build and run environments finely tuned to the customer context.

E-Commerce, Internet Portals and SAAS application optimization are, of course, the environments in which we most frequently operate.

However, we have been observing the increasing of the number of projects consisting in outsourcing in our datacenter the whole company IT. We particularly appreciate this type of projects because they allow us to express the full extent of our talents.