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TAS Group Web Services

TAS Group is an international IT group, developing and integrating financial, banking and electronic payment software. Its core business relates to design and delivery of highly available and secure applications.

Since 1997, the group's French subsidiary has been in charge of implementing production and operating infrastructures that meet the requirements of the banking industry and also of all the other industries. 

Our hosting business naturally focuses on production and operating issues, but the culture of software development is omnipresent in our teams.

We have been virtualizing environments since 2006, our engineers are often called "Devops" by our customers: they can recommend scenarios and configure instances to get the best performances in production.

TAS Group Web Services



Private Cloud

Some of our servers are dedicated to those of our customers who have chosen the Public Cloud, but most of our Virtualized cloud infrastructure are built on dedicated physical servers.

The most common model leads us to buy the equipment our customers need to provide the expected services, and to propose a monthly fee that covers all the services: servers, storage, switches, routers, bandwidth, backups, etc.

The elasticity of this model "on demand" is ensured by the modularity and the flexibility of our offers which make it possible to adapt the infrastructure to the needs, whether that be upwards or downwards.

The service automatically includes basic monitoring of the infrastructure. We offer optional managed outsourcing services, during working hours or 24/7, which complete our offering and provide to our customer the opportunity to choose a complete outsourcing of IT infrastructure and its management.

Hybrid computing

Instead of Hybrid Cloud we prefer to talk about Hybrid Computing.

The IT of our customers is usually composed of a part that stay in their premises and a part that is outsourced in ours. 

Whichever architecture is chosen, our customers appreciate working with our engineers as if they were an extension of their IT team. We recommend and define together the components best adapted to the context, we then ensure the implementation and the maintenance in operational conditions.  

We have a particularly good knowledge in exploiting architectures with web services and APIs providing users with web applications requiring high data rates and high availability.


TAS Group and GAFAM

Since this acronym has been found in the vocabulary of the new economy and the Cloud, we are often asked about our position regarding the GAFAM.

To choose your Cloud, we recommend to think carefully about two important dimensions: your cultural preferences and your usage preferences.

Do you prefer a model that must be adhered to without any possible dispute or a model that gives way to contractual initiatives and personalization?

Would you rather explore on-demand unit services or build an integrated solution that meets your business needs?

Cloud actors have practices and offers that are structuring, you have to take the time to understand them before choosing your way.

The switch to the Cloud, even very progressive, has major impacts on your company's processes.

We are positioning ourselves as an high added value hosting provider, with IT integration capabilities, an actor of cultural and geographical proximity to build and operate tailor-made solutions.

Our level of service commitment and customization is unparalleled at GAFAM.

TAS Group - GAFAM - Positionning