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Public Governance

TAS Performance Management platfor for government

TAS dsTAXI Public Governance

Increasingly pressing budgetary constraints and the need for a renewed legitimation with its stakeholders are driving government offices onto an efficiency path. In the last few years, a series of regulatory changes have led to the definition of business models oriented to obtaining real and measurable results, to be achieved through the optimization of performances. The effectiveness of the civil service action is therefore tied to the satisfaction of "customers" (citizens/community), which thus becomes a parameter to be evaluated along with the efficiency and cost targets that are associated with it. DsTAXI PG has already been adopted by major government departments and agencies, and it makes it possible to reach those goals by being tailor-made for the governance system of each individual office, in accordance with the required specifications, starting from the planning and control phases, down to staff performance assessment and appraisal.