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TAS solution for ERP management


The current market challenges have led TAS to undertake an important path leading to offering a new line that enhances previous experiences by integrating them with the new values of this business proposition.
The outcome of a new chapter in the old partnership with Oracle, TAS extendERP is a solution:

  • based on technology industry standards, web native, and with a structure studied for services
  • easily integrated with existing ERP systems and therefore pluggable into components and, by gradual steps, into client systems
  • focused on the business processes of companies providing services
  • accessible in the cloud as well as on-premise, and in hybrid mode
TAS solution for ERP processes

  • it consists of a structurally integrated merge of International software components, Oracle Fusion Applications, and TAS software components, in order to offer the best of breed in each application domain.
  • oriented to a new user experience, social and collaborative, to enhance participatory operational models as regards processes
  • equipped with a powerful integrated workflow and document management component
  • oriented to decision-making processes and predictive actions, with Business Intelligence tools embedded in all application modules, which are capable of reading and consolidating structured data as well as unstructured information

Besides covering the more traditional administrative and accounting areas, the new solution is characterized by a specific focus on the components that support businesses: Procurement, Controlling, Project Management, and Billing.

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TAS ERP solution for Procurement

Focus on: Procurement

Based on a vertical integration of Oracle Fusion Applications, TAS xtdERP - Procurement is an application component that is easily pluggable on existing systems, covering issues that often traditional ERP systems do not adequately provide for. This solution can therefore be seen as a tool to fully cover the procurement and purchasing processes, and as a solution for managing "typical" business processes such as: collaboration with the supplier, vendor rating, procurement analytics, contract and clauses management.

TAS ERP solution for project management

Focus on: Project Management

TAS xtdERP - Project Management is a software solution for the prompt monitoring and proper exploitation of resources on activities and projects, both from an economic and technical point of view. Realised with web-based technology, it is the company portal for the project management, from the definition of the objectives to the organisation of tasks, from the allocation of resources to the registration of the activities.

The solution to manage of the entire active invoicing process

Focus on: Billing

The solution allows the management of the entire active invoicing process, the census of tenders, contract management, the issuing production and sending of invoices. TAS xtdERP - Billing features a powerful parametric component for the management of various billing requirements typical of the "service sector": agreements, spot orders, and contracts based on fees, events, price lists, or on work in progress.

TAS ERP solution for Controlling

Focus on: Controlling

A solution based on a multidimensional structure that makes it possible to direct the growth of the business and control the development of costs stemming from organizational units, activities, services, accounting, projects and products. It facilitates the management of analytical accounting, of simple and complex indicators, and of cost allocation. TAS xtdERP - Controlling is a vertical system for service companies and has powerful management reporting functions. It includes a module dedicated to managing goals, oriented to performance management, and it is easily integrated with other ERP and BI tools.